Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy good cupcake Friday and a PSA

Happy good Friday!

Dreary rainy cold today became awesome, amazing Friday because of this:

The cupcake truck!!!

It was a tough decision between carrot cake and passion fruit merengue.

Passion fruit won today.

The cake was so light and fluffy just like the merengue topping.

Then I bit into it and found something yummy:

Passion fruit custard!!!

The gourmet street food trucks definitely make up for the lack of agreeable weather here in Chicago.

Now on a more serious note, the PSA.

When I got back to my aunt's house after the Boston marathon I saw this:

And this:

Yes kids, that is a horrible sunburn mainly on my right upper side.

The thought of sunburn never crossed my mind. For the past 3 years of running fairly consistently I have not gotten burned. Maybe a little color, but not the absolute pain like this. I've run in the sun, rain, fog, whatever and nothing. Now I know that "chaffing" under my arm in the race was really something much worse. No wonder the Vaseline didn't do much to help it. :(

So let this be a lesson. Use sunscreen so you don't end up like me.

What is your favorite flavor of cupcake?
I really enjoy carrot cake since it's not too sweet. Red velvet is a close second.

Can anyone recommend a good sunscreen for me to wear while running?
Since Chicago has a summer with heat and sun (unlike san Fran) I'm going to need something that protects my skin and stays put (doesn't get into my eyes, doesn't wash off with sweat.)

Recommendations please!! Thanks!



  1. My shoulder were pretty burned too! I wore neutragena dry touch sunblock spf 30 on my face, but I am not sure who well it worked because I was out i the sun for so long. Second time I have burned running this year, I need to get my act together.

    btw, that cupcake looks amazing. A cupcake shop in town (Kara's Cupcakes, they also have a truck in the city) had a dark chocolate cake with caramel filling and a salted dark chocolate ganache frosting, it is delicious. But if they had that passion fruit cupcake, I would totally get it :)

  2. If you get any good recommendations, pass them on. I am TERRIBLE at taking care of my skin while I run and always get burned. I don't like it when sunscreen gets in my eyes, but I need to stop letting that be an excuse for not wearing it.

  3. Thanks for your sweet blog comment. That cupcake looks AMAZING!!!!
    This isn't an SPF suggestion, but I always wear a visor when I'm on a long sunny helps a little on your face at least !

  4. Oh I love cupcakes-that baby looks delicious, but carrot cake is my favorite too! I'm a frosting lover...and that cream cheese gets me every time.

    I use a coppertone sport that doesn't seem to drip. Before I ran my race a few weeks ago I threw a little bottle of this Neutrogena SPF 55 stuff in my bag-glad I did, and that stuff didn't drip at all! It's called "Ultra-Sheer-Dry" or something. Wonderful.