Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain delay :( *cancelled game* :(

Left work at 12 to go to the Rockies- cubs game today which was to start at 1:20. (it is a work sponsored event. I couldn't pass up a free ticket to go to Wrigley and hang with my co-workers)

We are still in the bar because it won't stop raining. :(

Wrigley field!

I hope it stops raining soon. I really want to see the inside of the park. :(

game is postponed until June 27.

I'm really bummed right now. But I'm happy I can go home early.

Drinking on the clock is awesome! ;)



  1. Woo Hoo! Sorry the game was cancelled though!

  2. So jealous! Bad thing about teaching is that drinking on the clock is seriously frowned upon.

    Take lots of pictures at the rain check, I am excited to see the inside now. Today was the teaser!