Sunday, August 28, 2011

6 weeks...

Wow! 6 weeks from today is Chicago Marathon Sunday!


Week in review:

28 total miles. Eh, not quite what I was hoping for, but had to bail on my LSD 18 miler (turned into a 7 miler)

Monday: 6 miles: 52:20
Tues- Wednesday: off
Thursday 5 miles 46:30
Friday: 4 miles 35:45
Saturday: 6 miles 51:34
Sunday: 7 miles 61:00

The shin/ calf pain was a little more present this week so I was a bit scared with every step I took. On saturday after the 6, I got a massage which *hurt* so good on my calf. By Sunday it was still in a little pain, but in the afternoon I felt good and squeaked out the 7 miles.

It's all about listening to your body and knowing when to stop.

The massage therapist said it felt like my muscle had separated from the bone (not the first time I've heard that) *shudders* but had I actually torn my muscle (back in late may) I'd imagine the pain I should have experienced would have been tremendous, and I wouldn't be running relatively pain free currently. Plus, I didnt have any bruising or swelling when it happened back After the soldier field 10, I'm thinking it could have been a strain due to dehydration and then the hard running I did after the first signs of pain, or perhaps a stress fracture. I dunno. I just want to get to the start of the Chicago marathon healthy. (I've already started looking at spring marathons.. Redemption!)

I ice, use arctic ease, TP kit, foam roll, and use the stick on my leg- in addition to compression socks. and it is much better, I just have to stay smart about this silly thing. I'm thinking of making an appointment at athelitco to see if something in my stride is causing undue stress on my right leg. I'm not sure if they would even be able to get that in depth with a free diagnostic exam, but it couldn't hurt. (I'm also not sure how much of the pain is purely psychological as opposed to real pain in my leg)

I'm staying positive and happy with the week I had. Yeah- no yoga. I decided to save the $$$ for now. The 6pm class is ridiculously packed, the 8pm class is too late for me and the 6am class could work, but I'd rather leave work at the normal time and not 30 minutes later. Sigh...

I also enjoyed some of this during the week....

Eh, Injuries. Or psychological ghosts...

How do you stay motivated when you have setbacks in your training?



  1. Uugh staying motivated with set backs is HARD. Sometimes I feel like I can look at a set back or challenging time and feel like I am still on track and know that things will get better, but other times I feel like one teeny tiny negative thought enters my mind and then...POOF everything falls apart. Keeping the negative thoughts out of my mind is how I try to keep making progress. While it may not seem like it, you are still putting forth A LOT of effort and training. You have been doing and AMAZING job of listening to your body and I think that this will pay off for you. Keep your head up because this is an awesome week even if you missed your 18 miler.

  2. When I was injured, it was most helpful for me to get a confirmed diagnosis of a stress fracture, because that meant that I was not going to be able to race the marathon last year, regardless. Once I had my diagnosis by the MRI, it actually gave me relief to know.

    I knew that I had to just shut down my training completely...which I think was probably easier than not quite knowing when the issue is going to get better.

    So I'm not sure what to tell you, other than you can do the best that you can do, given the current circumstances and then rock the spring marathon...but I still think that you're totally able to take on and do really well in Chicago!

  3. I would look into the stride thing just to rule it out, can't hurt. It is hard to stay motivated, it just look ahead to the next thing and try not to be disappointed about what I will miss. Don't give up on Chicago yet though!

  4. I am the wrong person to ask about staying motivated during injuries. So if you get any good advice let me know!

    I am sending good healing vibes your way! Have you ever tried ART? You might look into that.

  5. The only setback I had (physically) was when I was training for Houston 2008. I more or less had to not up mileage etc for more than six weeks and Coach had me drop to the half. I was devastated but i didnt have a choice.

    I wish I was in Chicago now. I hate Mother Nature.

  6. You are doing awesome in your training! When I have any setbacks I try to look back on my training as a whole and remind myself that missing one, two, even three runs isn't going to de-rail all of my training. Although 6 weeks doesn't sound like a lot of time you still have a few weeks to bust out a long run to make sure you are ready for Chicago!

  7. That is crazy that Chicago is in 6 weeks, that is coming up soon!

    Sounds like your running training is getting back to normal! I would still try to do yoga at least once a week, wouldn't surprise me if that helps you keep your calf in good shape.

    Have you ever had a MRI on it? Or xray to confirm that it wasn't a stress fracture? My guess is just like yours, that it was a strain from dehydration. But there is no way to know for sure.

    Hopefully the pain stays away and you are still able to train for Chicago!

  8. Definitely listen to your body! Sometimes it's smarter than we are and we need to take a hint. :)

  9. Don't ya just love the massages that *hurt*. My neck is still sore from my last weekend beat down session, but I can MOVE it! That's what really matters!