Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dear Chicago marathon training

These past 13 weeks have been anything but ideal. The start of 2011 had me focusing on consistency and speed (as opposed to the last few years of running and not pushing myself) I started making some great progress towards my goals of reducing times in all the distances I wanted to race. Then came may 28- the soldier field 10. I had a great race and had reduced my per mile pace even lower than before. But, after the race I began experiencing pain in my shin/calf. I kept running on it that week and damaged it further to the point I was limping around.

Then Chicago marathon training started. I paid $$$ to train with CES (pre injury) and couldn't even run for 6-8 weeks. It has been so incredibly disappointing. I went into this training season with high expectations and now I am constantly reevaluating everything- my goals have changed substantially as they should. I am also paranoid with every step I take that the minimal pain I still experience will come back full force. I am disappointed and frustrated to the point that this has become an excuse for not doing the training that I should be doing. I am lucky to have an extremely supportive wonderful, wonderful who encourages me to go workout. Yet, even with my support and the highs of getting a PR by 5 minutes in the Rock n Roll Chicago Half marathon last week, I am still barely breaking 20 running miles a week. The past 2 weeks I've gone to yoga once. It's pathetic, I'm pathetic.

So this is where it all stops. Chicago marathon training, I am writing you off for the past 13 weeks. I will no longer feel discouraged, disappointed, or frustrated at what could have been with you. Starting today I will focus on the next 7 weeks and do everything i should be doing. Yoga 4-6 times a week, and increasing my mileage back to around 40ish a week. No more excuses.

Today starts the beginning of the next 7 weeks, a clean slate and the ability to run free of these demons that have plagued me during the past 13 weeks. This morning I ran 10 miles in 1:22:30 and felt wonderful. This is going to be the start of something really great.




  1. That's the attitude Xaarlin!! You've got this :)
    Sorry about the last weeks...but, you're on your way to a stronger you!

  2. Good attitude girl!! You can't worry about the past weeks only focus on what is to come and it sounds like you plan on doing just that! Have a great training week!

  3. You can do it, girl! Best of luck to you!

  4. Great plan! Wipe the slate clean and achieve your goals. You got this!

  5. Every day is a fresh start and 7 weeks is still a heck of a long time to get geared up for the marathon. I've had my own slump this summer and had to slap myself silly as well, but you've got the right idea.

    Starting fresh with a 10 miler at that pace is awesome and the next 7 weeks are going to rock your socks off!

  6. You are the OPPOSITE of pathetic!!

    Seven weeks is a TON of time before the marathon, you are going to ROCK its socks off.

  7. I agree with Britt...every day is a fresh start. We all go through ups and downs with running. I try really hard not get down on myself when I'm going through a rough patch. Taking the pressure off usually helps me enjoy running a lot more.

  8. i really needed to read this today.

    i hope you dont get angry at this question, but are you running in the right shoes? i cant be for sure by the picture but those almost look nike free-ish and maybe some stability/cushiony shoes would help?

    so looking forward to being in ur city again!

  9. Such a great post!! You can do it! :) It's crazy how an injury can totally change your perspective, and make you second guess EVERYTHING! I feel you, but I know that you are going to push hard the next seven weeks and you are going to rock Chicago!

  10. Love it!!! Injuries suck and hold us back, but you can do it!!!

  11. You've got this! You will punch the marathon in the face!!