Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rock n rolling #14

#14 is tomorrow. I cannot believe I'm up to 14 half marathons after tomorrow. My first was the las Vegas international half, back in February 2003. (i didnt train for it and the course was super boring in the middle of no where about an hour outside of Vegas)

The 2nd, was the 2008 rock n roll san Jose half marathon. (I am seriously going to miss doing that one for the 4th time straight this year- it is the week before the Chicago marathon.) Half marathons are my favorite distance hands down. I like pushing myself for 2 hours and receiving a medal. I use them as training runs for full
Marathons, and also do them just to enjoy a nice long supported run.

Tomorrow is the rock n roll half marathon in Chicago. The course is all downtown which is a nice change from running just on the lakefront like the 3 other halfs I've done here this year. Plus, it starts and ends about a mile from my place..

The expo had innovative fitting rooms.

Also had to get our usual shots...

We went on Friday after work to get our bibs and schwag. It was awesome to walk around the expo and not be packed like 12 people into a vw bug.

I like the shirt and wish they were not unisex. It is a dark navy blue tech shirt.


A 1:50 or less. That means a 2+ minute PR and qualification into the last Chicago marathon start corral before the "open" wave. If i dont get a 1:50, I'm starting in the herd with 40,000+ others come October. Smooth start = happier me in 2 months.

Finish and be healthy. My leg is good this week, but sometimes it acts up. I would like to remain injury free. If it starts bugging me, I will take it easy to the finish.

This race starts at 6:30am tomorrow. Yikes! Im not a morning runner. On the other hand, I'll be happy to be done by 9am.

It will be nice to meet some others at the FFCheer tweetup post race.

(been wearing that since Friday and it's just as annoying as it looks. At least I won't have to show my id post race and wait in line)

I'm looking forward to some beer after the race- even at 9am Chicagoland time, it's 5 o'clock somewhere.... (Eh, even if it's MGD 64 aka beer flavored koolaid)

Good luck to everyone who raced or is racing this weekend! I can't wait to hear how your races went. :)



  1. Good luck tomorrow! How awesome that the race starts to close to your house!

  2. Best of luck at that terribly early hour of the morning! You've got your A goal in the bag. Have fun.

  3. Good luck good luck good luck! I bet you get your A goal as well :)