Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yay motivation! (& a Bday tribute)

Got some great news!!!!!

My daad is going to run the Chicago Marathon with me!!!

My daad won an entry to the marathon from Arctic Ease. He even had to create a facebook page to do the contest. Im so proud ;) Arctic Ease makes super cool (no pun intended) wraps. You dont even put them in the freezer or anything. The wraps are like magic!!  They are nice post run when I need to ice the calf and move around. And their customer service is wow!!! Go "Arctify" yourself now. Do it!!

Motivation and a birthday tribute:

I am so excited to run with my dad in October!

My dad got me interested in running. I ran my first race at age 9- a 1 mile St Patrick's day event and won my age group! Then I didn't really run again until cross country in high school. I always was inspired by my daad, the runner. I watched him complete a triathlon and many other races.
(Source) High school cross country. 12 years ago?
I ran my first marathon with my dad- The 2002 NYC marathon. he beat me by 45 minutes.

I ran my first 1/2 marathon with my dad. The 2003 Las Vegas international half. He beat my time again.

He's pretty fast for an old guy. Lol

I watched him achieve his lifelong goal of qualifying for Boston at the Rock n Roll Arizona 2010. (his best marathon was a 3:04:59 back in the day when the Boston standard for young guys was 2:50 and his 5k pr is a blazing 16:48!!)

I am motivated and inspired.

I wanted him to run Chicago with me this year, but back during registration he was dealing with injuries that almost forced him to drop out of the Boston Marathon. Luckily he was able to overcome those annoyances, finished Boston and is relatively pain free now.

He has been cleaning up the age group hardware in the local 5ks in Florida, with some fast times in that crazy heat. So with 6 weeks to go he is now training for a marathon (Sorry daad, no more AG medals for now!). The playing field is closer to even and I think we will be able to run a slightly sub 4:00 marathon together (for once) in Chicago.

Thanks Daad for inspiring me to run and continue on even when things get tough.

I can't wait to run this race with you!!! (and pig out on BBQ food and good beer afterward)

Happy birthday Daad!!



  1. that is SO awesome! as someone who lost her dad, cherish each and every moment you can with him! 3 weeks to taper (not that i am counting or anything)

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad! I am so excited that you will be able to run Chicago together. I love Chicago. That is where I ran my first and only marathon to date.

  3. Ahhh, I wish my dad was more like yours! How inspiring!

  4. Happy birthday to your dad! I love that you will get to run together, how wonderful!

  5. Great post! That is really cool that you get to run Chicago Marathon with your Dad!

    Your Dad is insanely fast! Crazy that his time would be the exact qualifying time for the under 34 age group for Boston Marathon now, haha That is insane that the qualifying time back then was 2:50, that is nuts! A 16:48 5K is again insanely fast! That is really cool that he was able to qualify for Boston at the Arizona marathon.

    That is a bummer that you quit middle school track, it sounds like you were the fastest member on the team.

    In high school it sounds like you were either the fastest or 2nd fastest, that is awesome.

    I bet you can still beat your 3 mile time someday, you are getting faster and faster it seems like.

    That is awesome you were leading a cross country race! Bummer about being passed in the last hundred meters. I've never lead a cross country race, only a track race.

    That would be really cool if you tried to run in college, you should definitely try it!