Saturday, September 10, 2011


Tomorrow is the Chicago half marathon. It will be my 15th half.

The expo was at navy pier, so I decided to run the 2.5+ miles there to get my stuff and then run back.

It was a beautiful (albeit warm) day. Maybe I shouldn't have worn my jacket...

My plan for this race is to treat it as an easy training run. Just average 9:00 or so per mile and just feel good. My calf, after a week of feeling great has decided to give some discomfort again. Perhaps it is all the carrying of heavy things moving from one apt to a new one- not sure. Depending on how I feel after the race, I might run home- which is an additional 7.7+ miles.

The shirt is pretty cool. It is also very soft. We are encouraged to wear red white and blue tomorrow in remembrance of 9-11.

They were also giving out free posters.

I signed up for a sports chiropractic evaluation. For $25 I will get x rays and an eval to determine if one leg is longer than the other, or if there is some other spinal problem that might be causing the right leg extra stress. The guy at the expo had me stand on 2 scales- one for each foot and told me to stand even and balanced. The weight on my left leg was 11 lbs more than my right. He said a normal range is less than 5lbs. I'm really hoping to get some good answers through this. Monday afternoon I hope to have more knowledge about my problems.

Have you ever had an evaluation with a chiropractor that specializes in sports?



  1. Best of luck in your race tomorrow, hope that the calf doesn't give you any problems.

    4 weeks until the marathon now, yikes!

  2. Good luck tomorrow and I hope you get some answers about what is going on with tour calf. I love the race shirts you got.

  3. That is a sweet poster! I wish you the best of luck and I hope you can surprise yourself tomorrow like I did today!

  4. good luck and have fun at tomorrow's race! love the shirt and that they were giving out the awesome posters! :)

  5. I hope the race went well! That evaluation sounds really interesting, since I have one leg longer than the other too!

  6. dude that shirt is awesome!!! hope it went well :)

  7. I hope you had a fun race!

    I would be very interested to see what my weight distribution between my legs is, never even thought about measuring that. But that could certainly explain injuries, etc.

  8. Hope the race went well!

    I haven't been to a chiropractor forever, but with my neck problems and my 'new to running' thang, I was thinking about getting checked out. Could help in the long run...hehe.

  9. I hope your race went well. I love the shirt and the poster!