Thursday, September 1, 2011

August in numbers

4- the number of times I've taken a photo of these banners.

1- the number of firework shows I've actually seen from navy pier (seeing the top of the fireworks over the buildings from my place doesn't count)

1- the number of times I ran outside at night. Happened to be last night when I joined the south loop runners club to go watch the fireworks.

5- the number of miles CB and I ran to go watch the fireworks.

0- the number of fireworks CB liked. (he freaked out the entire time. Not a surprise)

106.7- the total miles I ran in august.

20- the number of miles I ran (in 2 days) during the last 3 days of August

16- the number of days I ran.

6.66875- the average miles I ran per day (running days) in august.

5- the number of minutes I smashed my PR by in the half marathon, Subsequently qualifying me for a corral in the chicago marathon. Read about it Here

1- the number of race entries won. Ok, it wasn't me who won, but my dad. My dad is running the Chicago marathon with me! Read about it here.

1- number of black truffle risottos I made. And it was easy and delicious and full of yummy carbs.

1- the number of Crumb Bakeries that opened up entirely too close to my office.

1- the number of times I've been there. I only got the most delicious cherry almond turnover ever!

1- the number of stare downs CB had with his enemy, the metra train. He doesn't like it because he watched the movie "source code" with us one night.

???- the number of yummy beers consumed.



  1. At first I thought the last one said gummy bears, and then I saw the picture. Hahaha. I need a bakery to open up near me. Ok...maybe not.

  2. Oh, the bakery would be the end of me! I love my baked goods!

  3. The one about CB and the train is hilarious!

  4. well now I add Crumb to the list of places i have to stop at when there in october!

  5. I didn't know that the marathon banners were already out in the loop! But I guess we are just over a month away here now, yikes that gave me chills. So with all the craziness that you have been dealing with for your legs, august was a surpurb month for you! How many yoga classes did you get in?

    That truffle risotto looks to die for, I wish my hubby liked risotto because I think it is delish.

  6. Sounds like a great month! Sounds like your training and everything else is back on track after having somewhat of a bumpy July. That Chicago Marathon banner is indeed awesome.

    and I'm with Laura about CB and the train, lol