Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 weeks from this moment

I will be celebrating crossing the finish of the 2011 Chicago Marathon. (marathon #4)

Saturday: 12 miles, 1:39

Yesterday was my last double digit run for this cycle. I felt great and pushed the pace for negative splits (huge confidence booster). It was a bittersweet moment because I am finally pain free and ready to run, but alas the taper will begin. This week I will have about 30 miles after my Sunday 5 mile run.

Let the taper madness begin!!

I am beyond happy that my shin/calf problems are seemingly behind me. I can attribute being pain free to this:

3 weeks ago I was having a massage and the therapist suggested I try digestive enzymes- like the kind from papayas and pineapples. She told me that cooked foods don't contain the enzymes necessary to digest all of our food and the toxins we ingest thus causing our body to focus energy on digesting those things instead of healing. So I went straight to whole foods and spent $6.99 on a bottle just to see if they would make a difference. I take one pill with every meal. Within a few days I didn't feel the usual dull pain on my shin/calf anymore. 3 weeks later (this week) I ran 3 miles in 22:00 just to see if the pain would return after a hard effort. And now I'm happy to report that nothing happened! I continue to ice, foam roll, stick, etc just to stay smart about it.

Have you ever tried digestive enzymes?

- I will continue to take the digestive enzymes and probiotics because I can feel a huge difference. I wish I would have started taking them sooner.



  1. Glad that you've got it all worked out now. I was thinking this morning as well that two weeks from today I'll be hitting the stress for the marathon, it's so close! Nice 12 miler!

  2. Only 2 weeks! Crazy to think how close it is for you! Glad the enzymes helped so much, that's great news.

  3. Impressed with your 12 miler! Yay for no shin pain. I have never tried digestive enzymes but since I am now having shin pain I am tempted to go buy some.

  4. Good job on the race! I don't know much about enzymes but it sounds like you're doing the right thing!

  5. I am so intrigued now by the enzymes!

    I can't believe the big day is two weeks away - you are going to rock it!

  6. YYYYYYEEESSS, so glad that this pain is done for good! You still got in some great training and you are going to kick the butt off this marathon. Those times are super speedy, I am confident in you! Can't wait to hear about your marathon, it is going to be here way before we know it.

    Never tried the digestive enzymes, but so glad they helped you.

  7. I've never heard of digestive have me intrigued! :)

  8. Wow you really destroyed that 12 mile run! That seems like your fastest long run of the training cycle right?

    You will do great at Chicago!

    No idea on enzymes, I try to limit the things I take to a minimum (all I take is a multivitamin). But seems like there are useful things out there to take...

  9. Enzymes! Would love for you to post something on that! Do you really notice a difference? I'm so curious.

    Great post! Love the randomness on a Friday. I needed that.

    Get Up & Go