Sunday, September 4, 2011

6 weeks to go week in review

Total miles: 50

AM 5 miles 44:20
PM 5 miles 44:00
Tuesday: rest
AM 5 miles 43:40
PM 5 miles 43:20
Thursday 1 mile warmup/ cool down
7 miles alternating 8:30, 8:00 pace per song, last mile 7:30. 56:50
Friday rest
Saturday 15 miles 2:13:18
Sunday 4 easy miles with cb, 3 miles 24:42

This week I wanted to up my mileage. I succeeded. The plan was more longer slower distances and a cutback on the speed during the increase. My calf issue stayed at bay and I felt really good the entire week until it came time for the long run.

I was not feeling the whole "run for almost 3 hours" event when i woke up saturday so I decided to prepare for it and just see how I felt while running. (the plan was 20 miles, but was willing to run 6, and defer the 20 until Sunday). I drank some Gen UCan cran-raspberry pre workout drink about 30 minutes before running. They are supposed to have enough carbs to last for 2+ hours of activity, and are easy on the stomach. (and for good measure I've been eating a lot of rice and other carby grains this week)

(found some more Chicago marathon banners!!)

I felt great the first 6.5, then towards the end of the next 6.5 I started feeling even more tired. I ate my usual chomps and salt tabs and kept hydrated with some fruit punch Nuun. I filled up my water bottle a 2nd time with just water. But starting mile 14 was tough. I pushed for 15 and called it quits. Could I have kept going? Yes. But it would have been a Big struggle. (and probably not worth it)

I think I was dehydrated. Craziness! I drank more than I usually do, but felt so crappy the rest of the day. I'm sure it was dehydration though. Blah! Lesson learned.

Sunday CB and I walked/ jogged 4 miles on the lakefront and had a photo shoot. CB likes being noticed, just don't touch him.

Some girls asked to take a photo with him. (he had been staring at them and everyone else to get noticed while we were sitting in the grass) then when they came over he acted all shy. I dunno. In our building He always makes eye contact with people in the elevator, but backs away when people try to pet him. Silly pup!

He is also camera shy, but I think the extended walk tired him out so he wasn't focusing on dodging the camera.

In less than 5 weeks, I'll be crossing the finish of marathon #4. For the first time in weeks
(and months) I'm truly excited.

Do you ever "bonk" during a workout? If it happens, are you always able to find a cause for why it happened?

- some times I can pinpoint the reason- like dehydration. Other times I seriously have no idea why one workout was far worse than it should have been. Perhaps it's our body's way of saying "backoff" for this one.



  1. Lately, my sleep deprivation has really been messing with me. I get out of breath easily and I seriously yearn to take nap while working out. I mean who wants to nap during a track workout?

  2. Love seeing the pics of the Chicago signs...gets me excited! Good job on your two a day runs, that is a clever idea to get some more mileage in. Whenever I bonk on a run I try to think back to how the past two days went, what I ate/drank, how I slept, etc.

  3. You are kicking butt, girl! When I'm not feeling a workout, I can usually chalk it up to dehydration, bad food the day before, etc. Glad you listened to your body and got some rest!

  4. Great week of high mileage! Usually when I run out of energy on a run it's because of heat or dehydration, so usually cooling down or drinking some cold water really helps.

  5. 5 weeks!?!?!? when you say it like that it seems so much closer!!!! eek!

    I wonder will I have a Xaarlin sighting while I am there?!!

    great job on the 15!

    and yes, i have bonked way too many times to count this summer and i know exactly why. its called 100deg and 1000% humidity.

  6. Yay! Chicago is getting so close! So funny that someone asked to take a picture with your dog! CB is a celebrity now!!

  7. CB is such a pretty dog, not that I would be biased about that :) I do bonk sometimes and I think sometimes it is okay to throw in the towel and listen to what our bodies are trying to say. Good luck with the marathon!

  8. Sounds like it was a good week! Sounds like it was a good call stopping at 15 miles, I think that is your body's message of telling you to back off a bit. Great pics of Chicago and your dog!

    I've definitely bonked during some workouts, generally it happened during my long runs for marathon training, I remember the 18 and 20 mile runs went the worst of any runs, I was dehydrated, and also my body didn't have any experience running that far.