Monday, December 19, 2011


Chicago is growing on me little by little. It's weekends like this past one, which make me like it more.

Friday night:
Went to my offices holiday party and with 3 drink tickets, watched my co workers boogie down. Awkward.


Wonderful wonderful took me to Greek town for the first time. We went to the Greek Islands restaurant. While there might be "more authentic" less kitsch places, the food delivered me into a delightful food coma for the rest of the day.

Dolmades stuffed with rice and meat.

Roasted beets marinated in garlic and olive oil. Heaven on earth. If it wasn't so time consuming to roast my own beets, I'd eat this all of the time. We also had pita bread and feta mixed with spicy peppers.

Main course was stuffed tomato and a roasted leg of chicken with rice pilaf. It. Was. Delicious.

Dessert was yummy rice pudding.

The seating was reminiscent of a Greek village terraced on a hill. The inside reminded me of Epcot. While I'd usually stay away from super touristy places, this place was so good I'm already thinking about the next time I plan to stuff myself with flaming cheese. OPA!

Saturday it also snowed in the morning.

It was "cute" snow and was pretty much melted by Sunday.

More relaxing. The top of my foot is finally starting to heal. For the last 3-4 weeks it's been hurting and I have no idea what caused it. It doesn't hurt when I run, or seem to get worse- but I really notice it while walking barefoot. The pain is much less after taking a few days off. Yay!

Do you like "themed" touristy type restaurants?

I usually like small hole in the wall places, but I'll be back to the Greek Islands. Food always is #1 for me.

- xaar


  1. There is a touristy German restaurant here in Colorado Springs that I just love. But otherwise, I prefer the hole in the wall places.

  2. That's so funny about your work party...I always think it's sooo awkward to be around drunk/tipsy coworkers.

    Those food photos just made me drool.

    Hope your foot continues to get better............asap!

  3. I LOVE beets! I nearly never eat out, but it seems so inconvenient to drive into town just to eat sometimes. I love themed places though.