Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa hustle 5k

I decided not to race this one because of pain that has been lingering on top of my foot for the past week. Instead, WW and I just had fun. As much fun as we could on a cold rainy day.

It was about 40 degrees and light drizzle. I already had reservations about running a race this late in the year in Chicago. It could have been worse. But sleeping in might have been better. ;)

Creepy chick photo bombing over my right shoulder!!

No, I didn't keep the beard on while I ran. I put it behind my head for the run and then put it on for the finish. And still ended up with a mouth of fuzz.

We should have lined up further towards the front. (we were no where near the back- maybe the end of the first 1/3 of the 5,000 participants) I'm constantly amazed at the walkers who place themselves in the front 3/4 of any race.

The course was crowded with walkers for most of it. Lesson learned. We need to line up near the front even if we will do 10 minute miles. The path was also narrow and created bad bottle necks around turns and for when there were huge puddles on the course. Kind of dangerous in my opinion because people will stop short *OMG WATER!!! CANT STEP IN A PUDDLE!!* and forget that there are people running behind them.

The Santa hustle seemed well organized. There were milk and cookies along the course too as "aid" stations. Cute idea. Didn't take any.

This race broke my rule of "never wear the race shirt on race day." it's a superstition I have and luckily nothing went wrong ;)

I even met a few new friends. Yes. They had real live reindeer in a pen. Poor guys had to stand out in the rain :(

I would probably never do this race again because of a few reasons. The shirt- I will never wear it to the gym unless it's Christmas time. Ok realistically I probably would never wear it again. Another reason is the weather. It's a crapshoot as to what type of weather you will get in Chicago this time of year. Having lived in Chicagoland for less than a year and run 10 races here, I consider myself an expert on this subject.

$40 is a lot to spend on a 5k race, and since we took a cab to get there ( and then the L home) we spent $100+ just for trans and the race. Not entirely sure if it's worth it. I'm turning into a cheapskate. And, I like running for running sake. Kitschy themed races can be fun but I'd much rather prefer a smaller hometown race.

Final note:
Santas, just like clowns are super creepy! :)



  1. But you did get some super-cool pics from the race! Loads of Santas :)

  2. Yes, you are right about the santas!! LOVE that first photo, completely awesome.
    Glad you had fun! That's the worst thing when you're stuck behind people...but good thing it wasn't for time.

  3. Your outfits are awesome! This is one race where you would HAVE to break the no race shirt on the day rule, definitely!

  4. ha, santas in the masses are really creepy. it was crazy overwhelming! glad you had fun, i don't know if i would do that race again. i thought it was disappointing, but i had high expectations based on the advertising.

    did you guys go to the post race party? i didn't, was wet and cold. i thought at first i might be able to find you, but then quickly realized that everyone looked the same and that was going to have to be a lost cause.

  5. Nice review. I was a spectator and the sea of red Santas running by was very cool. $40 is too steep for any 5k using only the lakefront trail and parking lots as the course.