Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1st annual Santa Xaarlin treadmill 10k

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I enjoyed a low key Christmas with WW and CB at home. We cooked some food, worked out and took it easy.

One of my favorite gifts- an owl hat! :) it kept my ears and head very toasty while walking to work today.

I also got a sweet gift card for dunkin donuts with CB's photo on it from my Daad. If CB is making $$$ off of this, he needs to start paying rent!!

Christmas morning I got on the tread and quickly decided to run my most dreaded distance, The 10k. I don't know what it is, but I have no desire to race a 10k ever. I've raced every distance between 5k and marathon- minus the 10k. So December 25 was the "1st annual Santa Xaarlin Treadmill 10k." 1st 3.1 miles averaged 7:50/mile 2nd 3.1 miles averaged 7:19/ mile My new 10k PR is now 47:00! It was a comfortably hard pace. It wasn't until mile 2 that I decided to start pushing the pace and make it a "race." I'm excited for next year to carry on this tradition of running my most hated distance on Christmas. In other news...

I registered myself and my dad (against my better judgement) for the Chicago New Years Day 5k. The weather is looking clear and free of snow and ice so we shouldn't slip and hurt ourselves. This race will be a nice "recovery" run post saturday's long run with my new running buddy, the super speedy Britt

If you get runners world, I would highly recommend you make Richard Blais's (winner of top chef all stars, and also ran the 2011 NYC marathon) beet salad featured in the issue. It's beets, avocado, orange, basil, shaved licorice in a vinaigrette. It's super easy and tasty. (and I can't wait to eat the rest of it tonight!)

I can't wait to see my dad tomorrow who is braving the cold to visit us for new years this week.

What are your new years plans? We are going out to eat at a secret location. :) - xaar


  1. No big New Year's plans, we will be celebrating with our 4 girls by dancing to Just Dance 3 on the wii, playing games and celebrating the ball drop at 9 pm (since we're on the West Coast). I'm bummed there are no New Year's runs near me, but I have to work so I'll just be doing 2 virtual runs after work. Great job on your treadmill 10K.

  2. Theres the hat!!! I love it! I've never raced a 10k either, but every other race distance possible I've covered. No desire to do it, but maybe one day. That gift card is pretty amazing, I love that idea.

    NYE we are having a low key evening where my bff from way back and her girlfriend are coming over for dinner. We could probably gorge ourselves in lobster and champagne and it will still be cheaper then going out.

  3. Awesome on the virtual 10K, that is a super speedy time!

    And awesome that you are running with Britt, she is indeed super speedy!

    And I just realized that I almost wrote the same sentence twice, lol

  4. JEALOUS that you and Britt are running together! My two favorite Chicago peeps all at once.

    Oh and your 10K totally counts, ad it to the list of PRs :)

    Annnnd I want that owl hat, looks charming on you.

  5. Great job on your 10K!

    Happy New Year!

  6. I'm running the NYD 5k too! I hope the weather stays clear.

  7. LOVE your owl hat. Going to hopefully get a night out on New Years with some friends!