Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last run of 2011

And some goals for 2012

Low 30's, calm, no snow. Absolutely stunning. Chicagoland.

I met Britt for an early morning run. With lack of sleep from watching the UFC fights last night, I wasn't sure how I would hold up for 18+ miles.

The beauty of the lakefront, the serenity of my surroundings, and the addition of a super cool running buddy made this run one of the best of the year. The miles flew by with ease, and I couldn't believe how or why I prefer the tread to running on this beautiful lake.

Thank you Britt for prying me off my bff, the tread to join you for a spectacular run. I really couldn't think of a better way to spend the last day of 2011 enjoying perhaps the last day of beautiful, serene tranquil, Chicago before old man winter takes a firm grip on us.

-Track all of my runs, especially shoe mileage

-Continue to be smart about running to remain injury free

-Put in the work necessary to achieve some of my time goals for races.

-Run outside much much more

-Learn more Portuguese so I can say more than "Cb esta embaixo na mesa com oito cavalos e nove sanduĂ­ches."

I have other goals, but usually I just make changes in my life as I see fit- Instead of once a year. I find greater success that way.

Happy new year! Feliz ano novo! - xaar


  1. I want to come run with you and Britt! I didn't run outside today due to the freezing wind with 40 mph gusts. I totally wussed out!

    Happy new year!


    Like Christy, I also wish that I could have run with you and Britt :)

    I am the same sort of year with New Year's things...if something's broken in my life, I should already be working on it instead of waiting for the New Year to work on it.

    For tracking mileage and shoe mileage, I REALLY REALLY recommend the runner's world training log, it lets you keep track of your shoe mileage and workouts.

    It's free and easy:

    Cheers to 2012!