Thursday, March 22, 2012

So much for shamrock socks...

I saw the cutest knee high shamrock socks at target a week or 2 ago and didn't buy them. This past Sunday I went back hoping for them to be on clearance, but they were sold out. (insert sad face here).

I had planned to wear them for the Shamrock Shuffle this week. Oh well, I'll just dress as a "runner" now. It does seem like fairy wings and arm warmers and sparkly skirts produce PRs though :)

Sunday marks the 2nd time I'll be running this crazy race. Last year was a blast, and I'm full of controlled excitement for this years running. Following some nice 4-6 mile runs these last few weeks, I'm confident that pushing the pace in the race won't injure myself further.

This race is fun because the course winds around downtown Chicago- and not many races around here do that. Most Chicagoland races are relegated to the stunning lakefront.

Most important, my wonderful wonderful is running Shamrock for the first time this year. Last year he was staked out near our apartment photographing the runners.

(last years race. I look pretty beat)


Goal A beat Tribu. She currently holds the 8k record (between us) with a 39:30? I'm thinking there are good odds for me to take the 8k title. But, for her PR and for me in this race, we will not have been at our peak performance like we were back in December.

Goal B Beat my PR from last year of 42:09. This is doable.

Goal C don't injure the leg further. Always important to remember when coming off an injury.

In all honesty, I'd love to break 40. There is something so satisfying about breaking a round number- like the 2:00 barrier in a half marathon for example, that 40:00 for the 8k seems like a nice challenge.

Who else is running Shamrock this year? Will you be dressing with shamrock style? ;)

Good luck to all racing the Shamrock this weekend!
- xaar


  1. I'm running it with a bunch of my running club friends. We're wearing green sparkle skirts of course. And I was able to pick up some socks at Target last Saturday (on St. Patricks Day ... you'd think they'd be marked down, but no). I also have some old soccer socks from high school that are green that I have cut into arm warmers. They still smell like grass + sweat. Mmmm.

  2. I didn't know your boy was running, how fun for you both! Girl you can do anything your heart desires, so go for the win;)

    If you are still looking for some socks to wear, I actually bought two of the same pairs from target awhile ago. The plan was to originally wear one pair as socks and turn the others into arm warmers, but I don't think I'll be able to tolerate either with the predicted forecast. But if you would like one of my pairs I would love to give them to you, so let me know and we could figure out the details.