Friday, March 16, 2012

Yay Friday!

This week has been pretty good.

The weather has been amazing

And there was a cupcake from bliss..

And the main highlight of this week was today. I got to go to the Willis (sears) tower sky deck during work.

Ah the perks of my job.. Haha. And it wasn't for business, just fun to take our out of town accounting co-workers out.

I've also been stretching a bunch. I researched hip flexor strains and came up with 2 stretches that I'm confident are speeding the healing process. (and that are Xaar-proof for over stretching) Maybe I'll try running tomorrow.

Ah, and there will be some celebration of the St Patricks day to be had tomorrow. Maybe even a trip to see the green river since we missed it last year.

Happy St Patricks day!

- xaar

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