Friday, March 9, 2012

T. G. I. F.


Today I ate a sriracha turtle cupcake from "cupcakes for courage" truck. They made this flavor on an episode of "cupcake wars."

I loved the use of the heat/saltiness of the sriracha to balance out the chocolate and caramel. Very tasty cupcake. They also had a maple bacon cupcake... Perhaps next time.

Cb was extra cute this morning while waiting for his biscuit.

I downloaded the live strong "my plate" app to analyze my food intake. I'm not too concerned with counting calories because I pretty much stay the same weight and have pretty good sense of portion size/ self control, but I'm intrigued to see what % of my food intake is carbs, protein, or fats. Should be interesting to see how many calories I consume too.

I have no idea what a good balance of that stuff would be, so I'll need to do some more research.

I also went to athletico for a free injury eval. They seemed very knowledgable and took time to talk about my history and what is currently bothering me. Most likely I strained a hip flexor 2 months ago. The PT also said my hips were very weak and could benefit from PT. I'll just need to see how much $$ it will cost to see if it's worth it. I can continue running-cycling-whatever as long as its not bothering my injury. And ice ice baby!

This week dragged and now I'm so happy to be able to veg and relax. I might even try to run a bit on the lakefront to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. Just depends on how this injury is feeling.

Have you ever gone to PT? How was your experience?

- xaar


  1. I went to PT at Athletico last summer when I was training for my half marathon. I really liked it and felt like it definitely worked. Love the picture of Chi-town!

  2. Wow, that cupcake looks very yummy!

  3. I went to PT for a strained piriformis muscle and it was a wonderful experience. It's nice to have someone else work on the sore areas as well as share tips and exercises! I recommend it!

    This sounds crazy but have you tried acupuncture?

  4. Yes, I swear by PT and I see my Active Release Techniques (ART) PT every so often.

    I am so jealous of your Sriracha cupcake!