Friday, March 30, 2012

What If

With the lottery now surpassing HALF BILLION dollars for tonight's drawing, the talk around the office is consumed with "what if I won" statements.

My question is: why do we put so much emphasis on the "what ifs" as opposed to the "what can we do's?"

Forget the lottery and apply it to any area of your life- athletics, career, family... Is it helping you be productive in those areas? My guess is no.

Sure, day dreaming is fun. But, what about actually thinking about some seemingly unattainable goals and brainstorming ways to make them come to fruition? (rocket science I know!)

Say for example: I often wonder what it would be like to have the word "elite" in front of my name for a race, and be able to start up in the front because THEY- the race organizers invited me to stand there (not because I hopped a fence). It's not impossible for this to happen, but it's still a long way off. In order to make this real, I will need to keep pushing at the boundaries of my running. By putting in the hours of targeted workouts and injury prevention, I have no doubt in a few years time I will be able to realize this goal. It simply just takes a lot of work and dedication, not day dreaming.

So today's message for you is to stop being passive and start taking a more active role in your life. If running a marathon is in your dreams then figure out the baby steps to make it reality. If owning your own company is a fantasy, start thinking about some kick ass product that everyone cannot live without.

Even the most crazy ambitious goal can be met. It will just take many baby steps to get there. You can't teach a dog to just "roll over." instead, you must teach him to sit, lay down, lay on side, and then finally "roll over."

How will you become more "actively" involved in your own life? What do you daydream about? How can you make those dreams reality?

- xaar


  1. I love this post. I do think it's fun to daydream about winning the lottery, but I never actually buy a ticket. I also dream about living in NYC, but I know it won't happen. So while those dreams are fun, I do try and embrace the little things in life and set larger goals for myself. For me, it helps to write them down:)

    Sorry. I am not sure if any of that makes sense. Happy Friday!

  2. Girl, you are a freaking genius! Go read the book "The Secret." My bro-in-law was talking about it and it is along the same lines as this post. I am a true believer that you have "See, feel and believe" to accomplish your dreams no matter how "far-fetched" they may seem to others.

    That is my goal right now with this lay-off. I am taking this as an opportunity to find my job and not settle again. So I must "see, feel, and believe."

    Let's go for our dreams!