Monday, July 15, 2013

FVM BQ or BUST Week 4

Incase you missed it and actually care to read about my training:
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FVM BQ or BUST week 3

This week Coach B. prescribed a cutback week, which was very welcome considering all the things I had going on. And regardless, had it not been a cutback week I would have nailed every single one of my workouts because training half ass is just not in my blood & won't help me achieve my goals.

Monday: Easy 5
Ran with my boys for an early am Birthday Celebrationrun. The pup struggled in the humidity.

Tuesday REST DAY YAY!!

Got a coffee and I don't even know what to say about my name here.... ;)

Wednesday speed, 6x1 mile repeats. 9 miles total 1:10.xx

Mile repeats ranged from 7:41-7:35 (always progressively getting faster) and felt very controlled. Ran on the running machine because I was waiting for a call to return to work to finish a project. Ended up finishing the workout & then waited a while before heading back to work at 10PM!! I am thankful this was a one time occurrence.

Thursday Easy, 5 with some hills

Cleaned our apartment before L's cousin came to visit.

Friday Easy 5 with the pup

Took the pup with me again to wear him out before L's cousin came to stay with us for the weekend. CB is not friendly despite his demeanor in photos. He is usually very shy and hides behind me when people approach. In our apartment he will bark at visitors.

Once L and T got back from the airport, we went to Piece Brewery for dinner. WE HAD MASHED POTATOES ON OUR PIZZA! Thank you Jenny for the recommendation! (Also lovely to see her and the Man!)

Saturday easy long run. 10 miles 1:27 and Stand up paddle board, 1 hour.

Ran the first mile with L and then took off to complete my easy 10.

We have paparazzi following our every move.

The run was easy and enjoyable. Saw Chanthana again out on the path too.

The humidity seemed more tolerable which was a welcome change. Post run we didn't go to Caribou or a bar like we usually do on Saturdays post long runs. Instead we went to Waffles where I left a sweaty butt print on the bench,and then took in some Chicago sights.

I "blend in" with the Agora statues. HA!

While L took T to Willis and the bean, I met up with some lovely ladies for a stand up paddle board lesson.

Photo courtesy of Declan @ Stop Running Dad! Erin, Me, Emily, Maggie, and Anne

It was nice to see everyone and try something new together. SUP is deceptively hard on your core and quads. My legs were shaking the entire time. It was really peaceful to paddle around and chill the eff out since I was in a major funk. The secret to staying upright- keep your eyes glued to the horizon & stand straight up. and I'm sure all those years of ballet, gymnastics,& dance classes didnt hurt either with keeping good posture and balance. I'd like to rent a board again and paddle around before summer is over.

The 4 amigos at sunset

We walked out to the planetarium to catch the sunset and the best view of the Chicago skyline. It was stunning.

Sunday Rest Day YAY

Sunday was T's last day with us and she (and L) were both craving authentic Brasilian food so we made a reservation at Sinha.

We met up with Emily and her husband to have the most delicious brunch ever! I'd post a photo of the food, but it truly wouldnt do the flavors and experience justice. The smiles on T and L's faces after they ate the complete Feijoada (bean,rice, pork, sausage stew with farofa, kale, fried plantains) were priceless and I knew I hit a home run with choosing a great place that reminded them of home. It was authentic and delicious and we will definitely be back.

What's next?

I'm running the Rock n Roll Chicago this weekend for the 3rd year in a row on Sunday.

69 DAYS TO GO until FVM!!!!

And now back to running week 5 of 14.

- xaar


  1. Okay, thank you for saying that SUP was hard on your quads. Mine are STILL burning! I can't seem to foam roll enough! You were awesome at that lesson, so I hope you do get back out there this summer! I think I'm going to buy the rental deal while it's still going, that was a ton of fun! And it was great to catch up with you a little on Saturday :)

    I never would have guessed CB was shy! Whenever we have anyone staying with us, Jude does this thing where he'll forget we have a guest while we're sleeping, then bark at them if they get up in the middle of the night or something. I guess it's good they're watching out for us?

    Good luck at R&R this weekend!

  2. Sounds like another solid week of training. Good luck with the half this weekend!

  3. Cool that you have paparazzi following you! I'll hopefully see you at the RnR this weekend. Have only run 3.1 miles in over a month. Hope it will be cool, or I might stay indoors instead of walking in the heat!

  4. That SUP looks incredible. It's something I've always wanted to try. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Way to continue to get after that BQ!

  5. Great week of training, those 69 days will fly by! I would love to try SUP someday it always looks so fun to me.

  6. Looks like you had a really fun weekend in the city! I love when I make a good restaurant choice that other folks enjoy. :)

    Best of luck at RNR this weekend! That is always a fun race. I might sign up to run it next year. We'll see! :)

    I know I've said this before but your countdown is scary! That is the same for Baby Wilson's due date! Ahh!

  7. Love your photos! Looks like you had another fantastic week. Cutback weeks always seem to be just when you need them the most. Good luck this weekend at RnR Chi. RnR races are always so much fun!

  8. Awesome that you tried stand up paddleboarding! Does seem fun. lol on the paparazzi! And like your subject says, as long as you do substantially all your training and don't get injured during training or during the race, you'll get that BQ.

  9. looks like a great time! I know you are going to be epic in 69 days :)

  10. New rule - every time you mention CB, we get a picture of him - there isn't one for Monday!!!! JK ;) But text me more pics, mkay? How did he do with T there? Okay?

    I am happy you were able to fit all your workouts in this week. Not that wouldn't have, but then you got them in by Sat am so you could play tourist.

    UGH. I want mashed potato pizza!!! And Brazilian food. I bet a lot of it is vegan... :P

  11. Nice to finally meet you! Come back up to SUP anytime! I'll make sure the neighborhood treats you right. See you at the RnR!
    And sweaty butt prints is a mark of pride with most territorial runners, right?!

  12. You go, girl! The sweaty butt prints part made me laugh so hard.

    I'm going to have to try this paddleboarding thing sometime. It sounds like so much fun - and a core workout just sounds like a plus!

  13. Chicago Paddle Co. does a Monday night ladies night - $35 for 90 minutes of paddling and half-priced margaritas!