Thursday, July 11, 2013


I feel Old. Like if I don't get dinner by 5pm and go to bed before 9pm I get cranky kind of old.. Or if I have a 6x1 mile workout on the schedule & because of a work snafu (not of my doing) I might have to go back to work at a moments notice I get really cranky. Luckily the workout got completed but still had to go back to work at 10pm for an hour. FML

So lame.

Lame is what many blogs turn into during the summer (and perhaps this one is no exception?*)

The training stops, the posts become less frequent and the content becomes uninteresting. Why is that? But I suppose there's always WIAW (is that still a "thing?" Do people actually care what someone ate? I for sure don't. ) and that's the end of my generalized rant about blogging for the year.

L and I went to RPM Italian for my birthday dinner. It was totes delish! And being the "lame" blogger that I am, I only took one photo. And that was of the birthday candle/gelato. It didnt occur to me to take my phone out and document our amazing beet salad, 600 day prosciutto, my ravioli stuffed with sausage & ricotta cheese in a truffle butter sauce complete with fresh shaved black truffles on top. Nope. The only thing on my mind was to enjoy time with L and have the best damn birthday celebration with him. Lame blogger? Possibly. Best partner ever? Absolutely! and only one of those matters to me.

Photo of Monday's happiness.

Monday July 8th was one of the best days of my life. Definitely a top 3 day out of the 11325 I've had so far. As much as I'd like to discuss what made it so wonderful, I'll keep those memories to myself, locked away in my heart.


This necklace Kim gave me is so not lame!!

Next dilemma is:

Dear Xa'ar,
I have 3 runs left for this week- an easy 10 and two easy 5 milers. The thing is, L's cousin is coming to visit and CB should not be left alone with her while Xaar is out for a run. Do I run the 10 miler tonight and the 5's Friday & Saturday (& take CB) or take my chances with leaving CB behind for my 10 on Saturday?**

Hmm. Tough one. I'd say this is such a lame thing to expend brain cells on. Just run.

Dear Xa'ar
I just ordered L's birthday presents and they will arrive tomorrow (i thought they would take longer). His birthday isn't for a few more weeks. Should I give him the presents this weekend, or closer to his actual birthday?**

Well, even though your presents can't ever top what he gave you, they are still pretty kick ass. This is also super lame to be worrying about. Have a beer tomorrow and think it over. You'll figure out what's best.***

CB says this post is LAME!

So there you have it. The current mental musings of myself. I'm thankful this weekend will be far from lame, but whether or not any of it makes its way onto this blog remains to be seen.

Happy almost weekend.

*Except I'm not here to do giveaways, get new followers, increase my SEO, or sell my soul/integrity to the devil for shitty product reviews.I'm solely here to write down my heavily filtered thoughts. I could care less if anyone read them. But I am thankful for the friends I've made.

**Yes, I just wrote questions to myself and answered them.

***I don't ever take myself too seriously. If this blog stops being fun, it's going to get canned.

- xaar


  1. So glad to hear Monday was such a great day! your meal sounds so good, I love a sausage-stuffed ravioli. Cute necklace, and of course Kim found you something super awesome like that.

    I'm with you on all of your blog rant. I'm always amazed anyone reads mine, but thankful someone does :)

    Hmmm... when is L's birthday? Just curious, since Bob's is 3 weeks from tomorrow (and of course I haven't ordered his presents yet - woops!). I'm trying to convince him to join us for lunch on Saturday, and now I'm wondering if he and L are super similar. You know, if you put any stock into horoscopes and things.

  2. Girl, you are not old! Well a little older, but I am 41 and a HALF so to me, you are a spring chicken.

    Your best days are yet to come. Glad that you had a terrific birthday. Good partner beats good blogger any day.

  3. I beat you on the old a lot. And sadly that coincides with the fact I have no idea what half (ok all) of those acronyms stand for so I am not quite sure how to comment...Early happy bday to L! xoxo!

  4. Um, I have more than a decade on you. If you are old it makes me ANCIENT. Therefore you cannot be old. :)

    Love this post. And agree. On everything. So glad your birthday was wonderful enough that you forgot to take food pictures (which are lame, IMO).

  5. I am glad that you had such a wonderful birthday. I hope that this next year is fabulous, but I am sure it will be since it started off so great. You are not the only blogger who isn't the best at photo documentation. I am so lame at it. Definitely something I could work on. Happy Friday!

  6. I'm with you on my blog! I have all ads disabled. Plus, 50 hits a day is like what, a penny for some ugly ad clutter?

    Thursday's actual name is - Friday Eve! sounds better right?

    You should have a weekly post called Dear Xa'ar!

    Have a great one!

  7. Whew! When I read the title, I thought it had something to do with a leg injury! You can tell where my brain is right now! :-) Agree that the number of blog posts goes way down in the summer. Mostly because I am not doing much running related in the summer. Yay fall!

  8. This made me laugh, and I love the owl necklace. -- H

  9. Hmm... if it was Steven he would want the presents NOW! I say make him wait. Or have him open them before LV so you don't have to drag them there :)

    I don't think you're getting old, I think you are just mature and sick of BS. Seriously. You still know how to have fun. You just don't want to be at work until 11:00. You want to do what you want to do.

    Thanks for the owl shoutout!

    And so happy you shared your birthday highlight with me :)

    Ha ha. WIAW. Next time I am out of blog material I am going STRAIGHT for that. Although, I would have been curious to see the presentation of that meal! I bet it was gorgeous!

  10. I didn't take any pictures on my birthday. I turned the big 4-0, you would think I would have at least taken a self one ;)

    My blog is the only one where the mileage picks up, so come and see me. ;) I actually finished 3 miles yesterday and 5 today, tomorrow I think it is a recovery 2.

  11. I feel like following all the blog "rules" is pretty lame and leads to lame content. Your blog has always been one of my faves because you post when you have something to say or share, and don't post when you don't. Makes for much more interesting content than a lot of blogs that try to follow a "schedule."