Friday, July 19, 2013

Rocking n Rolling version 3

This Sunday I'm running the Rock n Roll Chicago half marathon for the 3rd time in a row. The first was 2011 where it was in late August but a very cool day- I ran a 1:48. Last Year I ran a 1:49 and it was so OMG hot, yet I got some of the best race photos ever! Which I ended up purchasing.

Once again this race will serve as a training run for my goal race of Fox Valley in 2 months. Holy Sh*t literally 2 months away!!

Some goals n thoughts

After consulting with Coach B. we decided its best not to go all out. I've got a "speed limit" that I won't be exceeding should my legs actually want to "race" after 2 intense workouts and almost 30 miles already run this week. That's the fun part- wondering how my legs will react after one of the most focused weeks of running I've ever had. As much as I'd love to go sub 1:40 and I now know more than ever I'm totally capable, the goal is Fox Valley and a BQ- along with nailing 7 more weeks of training. Blowing my load on this race is just plain stupid.

Decisions, decisions

•Do I run in my Brooks Pure Cadences or my Newton Distance shoes? I love them both equally. They are like kids, I can't play favorites!

•Do I once again join Team Skinz or opt for Team Shirtz? 99% I'm going for team skinz.

•Do I continue the minimalistic approach to "in race" nutrition that I've practiced for my long runs so far? Or do I eat a few more GU's like I usually do in races? 1 GU vs 2-3 Gu.

•Do I run with my trusty water bottle to avoid the water tables? Absolutely!

BFF Tribu who you might remember from the Great Miami Marathon Slog of 2012 and The Butt Arse Freezing Cold Grant Park Turkey Trot of 2012 is coming to visit me this weekend and also take part in some Rock n Roll action.

The main goal of all is to have a freaking fantastic time running through the streets of this beautiful city I call home.

- xaar

- xaar


  1. I just love those pictures of you from RnR Chicago last year and from the Women's Half. I can't say enough how positively FIERCE you look!!!

    We are going to have a BLAST this Sunday! This race and its festivities always remind me about how running is first and foremost about enjoying ourselves. =)

    Yay for Tribu visiting this weekend and participating in RnR, too!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck! At least the Chicago heat wave left!

  3. Smart about holding your time down! I hope I'm as strong as you are about that! And that photo is awesome! Maybe go the steve-o route and get it tattooed on yourself.
    Those are some rough decisions..
    My picks:
    Skins (it should be nice enough that you won't burn down). I want to go skinz half way through, but don't want to have to deal with nipple tape photos hah

    GO minimalist! i'll probably just drink what I have in my handheld.

    Enjoy the run and hopefully see you there!

  4. Good luck. Hoping for some cool temps. I'll see you tomorrow!

  5. Good luck! Love the pictures from last year, that shirt is so cute and you look so happy.

  6. Awesome race pics! I think keeping the horse in the barn for this race is the best idea. Got to focus on the longterm goal! Have a good race.

  7. Best race pics ever, I would have bought them too. :-)