Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FVM BQ or BUST week 5

Monday Easy 8
Ran to Fleet Feet for Pint Night and then ran with L who took the EL up there.

I tested the new Newton energy model at fleet feet for 4 miles and initially liked them. But after 2 miles my Achilles' tendons were both getting very tight. I was happy to drop them off and wear my Newton Distance again post run. (The Distance are probably my favorite shoes right now)

Tuesday 8 x 800's, 8 miles total, 61 minutes
800's started at 3:22 and dropped to 3:18 by the end. Felt very controlled but very sweaty.

Wednesday REST DAY!!
Woke up with ITB funkiness which lasted the entire day. No pain but just tightness. Attributed it to sleeping weird and crossing my legs at work. Note to self: DON'T DO THAT!!

Bought a cool dress from Anthropologie to wear to the Green city market Chef BBQ.

Thursday 8 miles, 6 @ GMP 8:00-7:47, 8 miles total 1:05
Woke up early to make this run happen before work otherwise it would have been scrubbed. L and I went to the Green City Market Chef BBQ and ate all sorts of yummy things from Little Goat, Nomi, Three Floyd's, and the list goes on and on of the "who's who" of the best restaurants in Chicago.

Some of the highlights- berries soaked in Makers Mark, Sloppy Goat, basil cake with lemon curd...

Friday Easy 5
Felt hungover all day. I drank a lot of craft beer at the Chef BBQ.

Saturday REST DAY!!
Still felt like crap all day- felt like I had a fever and was very worn out. Bummed around the expo for a while.

Met up with Tribu eventually and chatted a bit. Then went home and slept.

Sunday Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon. 13.1 miles, 1:47:20
It was warm, but felt pretty good the entire time. My recap is Here if you missed it.

It was a fun day running with Sara and Pete.

Later on L and I went to Piece Brewery for some more mashed potato pizza and good beer.

Another great week in the books!

And to go off topic for something more serious..
Yesterday i freaked out after I googled the ingredients in a popular electrolyte drink. Sorbitol appears to be used as a sweetener (and is also a laxative) Along with Polyethylene Glycol. I was surprised to find "ingredients" like this in the drink and wonder if this is why so many people suffer from stomach issues during runs...probably just a coincidence... Needless to say I'll probably not finish the rest of the mix I have for this drink. *I am not a chemist nor dietician or nutritionist but this stuff sounds scary as "ingredients."

This motivated me to set a "challenge" for myself to not eat any processed foods for next week. No GU, Nuun, Gatorade, gummy bears etx. I imagine it will be more difficult than I think but definitely better than consuming all the artificial dyes and preservatives. (Which I don't consume many of already because of my distrust for the government letting companies put questionable chemicals in our food supply) Stepping off soapbox now.

60 days until the Fox Valley Marathon!!!!!!!

- xaar


  1. 60 days to BQ!!! Exciting!

    Sorry to hear about the hangover! I'm such a wuss with drinking now, I bounce back faster from a long run than a long drink lol

    Keep it up!

  2. not the gummi bears! noooooo! i'm just going to pretend that i didn't read that.

    thought i recognized that anthro dress when you posted it on fb, didn't want to out my anthro obsession on there so i didn't ask. and those energy, think maybe you didn't like them as much cause the heel drop is lower. 6mm i believe with the sock liner in and 3mm without, lower than the distance i think. i'm considering them for my collection, but haven't officially decided yet. thinking it could be a good marathon shoe. maybe.

    60 days huh? that's crazy. you're making great progress so keep up the good work champ ;)

  3. 42 Miles with 2 rest days. Awesome. Pizza looks yummy. :)

  4. I love that dress, so pretty!

    Looks like a great week of training, and the food looks good. Sloppy goat sounds funny. How was the mashed potato pizza? was the crust mashed potato?

  5. I was going to ask about the heel drop on the Energy, but Britt answered that question.

    What do you plan to take for fuel on your long runs now? Fake Meats sells organic vegan gummy bears (LOL PRODUCT PLACEMENT!), but, I mean, they are still "processed." Almost everything is!

    Have you been doing better about not crossing your legs when you sit? :)

  6. That Chef BBQ sounds awesome! Also, I think it's funny how we try to take care of our bodies by running, stretching, foam rolling, etc, but don't think twice about ingesting fake "food" like GU, Gatorade, etc. I probably should Google what is really in Sport Beans, since those are my fave.

  7. I'm curious to hear how your week without processed foods goes. I started gradually cutting them out last year, and definitely feel better overall because of it (but for some reason I never even considered Gatorade as falling in that category!). I've never used anything other than trail mix and dried fruits to fuel my runs because I'm grossed out by stuff like GU, so hopefully you can find something non-processed that works for you.

  8. Love the dress, it is super cute! I also like the Brooks photo from the expo. They always have fun and creative ways to market.
    Curious to see how the next week goes for you. Are you keeping a journal of everything?

  9. That dress is amazing. I can't wait to hear more about your week without processed foods. Good luck!

  10. I really dislike Gatorade, I only drink it every other water station while doing a half. I literally gag it down.

  11. Good for you eliminating the processed foods for awhile. Good luck!

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