Friday, August 16, 2013

Are you a marathoner?

I've been asked that (or a version of that) 2 times in less than 18 hours.

First was last night at the gym before my easy 5 when a guy asked "are you training for a marathon, you're in here a lot?"* And proceeded to stroke my ego a bit by asking "is marathoning your job?" Um, I wish it was my "job" but I just like running long. Those short n hard paced races aren't my thing... Twss.

Last night Workout Selfie to document my hair tie breaking.

I've been running up to 4 times a week on the treadmill. I usually do Monday nights at Fleet Feet and my Saturday long runs outside. Because running after work on a week day outside on the path gives me rage with all the fu$&ing Divvy bikes and tourists.

The second time was this morning when one of my neighbors asked if I was training for the Chicago Marathon while we were waiting for the elevator. I see him and his wife (who is training for Chicago) leaving for their runs every once in a while.

I'm wondering Why am I getting asked if I'm a marathoner so much- probably just coincidence?

Wednesday night post speed workout selfie.

Or am I approaching the fabled "race weight?" I'm about 2-4lbs heavier than last years lowest weight before Fox Valley, but maybe I've got more muscle? I think I look a bit more toned. So maybe I look "hardcore" to these people I don't see regularly?

CB says enough with all the running talk.

Anyways, I've got 18 miles on tap for tomorrow with 8 @ goal marathon pace and I'm kinda nervous. I'll probably even wear my "race day" outfit tomorrow to test it out. Gah!

Do you every get asked random questions like that by strangers?

*The gym is in my apartment building and I try to get my $$$ worth out of my expensive rent by using the gym a lot.

- xaar


  1. You look fabulous! definitely like either you have lost something! that 2nd photo is da bomb! and your hair is so long!

  2. I get random comments quite frequently. No one has ever mistaken me for a marathoner though! I would say you def look like a runner (and especially in the second pic).
    CB does not look impressed!

  3. You need to wear your racing flats and racing face tomorrow!

    No strangers have asked if i'm running a marathon :( . I always assume most people I see running god awful early are also training for a marathon.
    My coworkers all know since I either am talking about running or dirty jokes all day.
    One friend that hadn't seen me did see I did look marathon lean, so I'll take it!

    Now go roar and let out that predator speed!

  4. You do look awesome. AND like you are in serious training :)

    I get asked by my neighbors if I ever do anything but exercise -- seems that I am always in work out gear and they always ask me about marathons (including how far this one is - ha ha) I sometimes get asked if I am a marathoner- not always in a sarcastic tone ;)

  5. I had no idea your hair is so long! I think you look amazing! I think the extra weight is muscle weight..def nothing else.

  6. You look super toned!!!!! And badass in your second selfie. Love it.

  7. You do look really toned and fit, girl! Keep up the hard work! You are a rockstar!

  8. Today I was asked by a guy at a stoplight if I was going for gold. He then told me the russians were gaining on me. Oddest longrun moment ever. Awesome job on your longrun!

  9. I think it's coincidence! But... we already talked about this. LOL. And I think a lot of people aren't thinking about the marathon yet, if they are not running it (surprised the neighbor didn't ask earlier - training partner? ;)) so you might get asked some more ;)