Sunday, August 18, 2013

FVM BQ or BUST Week 9

43 miles for week 8!

Monday Easy 7
*ran to fleet feet, and then ran 3 with the lovely talented Jenny!

Tuesday REST!

Took the CB dog out for a walk and then some Fido to Go.

Wednesday Tempo: 6 miles at 7:30 pace, with 1wu/1cd. 8 total miles. Plus 4x10 sets of strength things.

Felt great.
Recycled workout Selfie from the last post.

Thursday easy 5, sore from the strength stuff

Friday easy 5, still sore from strength stuffs.

AKA, "Almost didnt happen"

Something in my shin/calf was bugging me all day.I took aleve, I prayed, I almost lost it. Then it magically disappeared. I was supposed to run 7, but stopped at 5 because I was scared whatever the eff was hurting was going to come back.
Mismatched Grumpy 5 miler selfie

Saturday 18 miles, with 8 @ Goal Marathon Pace. 2:25 (avg 8:03 a mile)

Um, well this run went exactly as it should. I felt fantastic, and was supposed to do miles 9-16 at GMP. According to my garmin they were a *little* quicker than prescribed, but I was also going for a perceived effort and did not want to be glued to my garmin the entire 8 miles.

I was going for consistency in miles 9-16, and was very surprised to see the pace for all the last 2 "GMP" miles. I kept my effort the same and wow. I know my garmin spikes around certain places- like Mile 3 when I ran around Navy pier.But the miles 15/16 were in an area that usually doesnt spike.

I woke up at 3:20am to eat a small serving of oatmeal and then went back to bed. I left for the run before sunrise. Gu at mile 6, 12, Salt at mile 6, 14. Water stops around every 4 miles. Lost 2lbs on this run. But no muscle soreness and felt like I could have continued on for a while longer.

Post long run I took the train to meet Kim to walk around the Chicago Bonanic Gardens. It was a great way to spend the day with a wonderful friend. 

Sunday REST DAY!

Took the precious little man out for a walk and what I learned from him was:

So for this next week, Im looking forward to drinking beer at the Mikkeller Bar, Stand up paddle boarding in Monterey Bay, running 20 miles on my favorite trail, and seeing my L for the first time in 2 weeks.


- xaar


  1. You are doing great! Keep up the good work!

  2. Glad Friday was a fluke! Every little ache at this point in the cycle is mentally amplified for sure!
    Great job with your long run! You are so prepared we can call you ready to served!

    1. Yes. Every little ache is amplified into end of the world apocalypse status in less than 10 seconds!

      I'm ready! Only 3 more weeks of intense training before the taper begins. Whoooooo!

  3. "felt like I could have continued on a while longer" - magical words! Looks like another great week for you in the bag.

    1. It's always a good workout when it leaves you craving more :)

  4. Nice! Impressive pace for the long run. Goal pace for the marathon is 7:45? Looks like you're nailing that.

    1. Thank you :) My goal pace is supposed to be around 7:55-7:50, but I was feeling good :)

    2. So glad to hear your shin/calf scare was only a scare. Even better, the next day, you knocked your 18 miler out of the park! Awesome. My advice is to stick with the 7:50 pace plan, make it to Boston, then race Boston at 7:45 or faster. My first marathon, I thought I had Boston qualifying in the bag (3:20 to qualify), so I made a race day decision to hang with the 3:00 group, because I thought it was within reach. I blew up at mile 20, and had the depressing site of the 3:20 and the 3:30 groups run by me before the finish line. I had to wait to BQ until the following year. If I'd only kept about a 3:15 pace the entire race, I would have BQ'd it easily.

    3. Oh my goodness what a heartbreak for your first marathon :(

      Haven't talked much about race day plan yet with coach, but I'll definitely start out around 8:00+ and see how things go and then gradually get settled into 7:50-55 pace and just secure the BQ -5 minutes (3:30). I'd rather "underperform" with a 3:29 than blow up trying for a 3:20. And you're right- Boston can be the place to really let loose and fly!

  5. Wait, you woke at 3:20? You're crazy! But hey, it worked so go with what works right?!

  6. You are killing your runs!! I would say you have that BQ in the bag in a few weeks :) That is a great MP long run!

    Also, we should run together sometime!

  7. Whoop whoop! Killer week (and I love the grumpy pic, even if it's a less than happy moment). Your excitement on Saturday had me aching for something similar. I'll be channeling that energy this weekend for sure! - Hillary

  8. You are killing your training!!! Fantastic 18 miler! You sub 8 pace is really consistent. :-)

  9. DUCK BUTT! Buah ha ha,.

    I like how CB has a little poster at the end... it's ALMOST demotivational. Almost. Come on, CB, you can do better than that.

    I love reading your recaps because you work so hard and inspire me to do the same. Well, not exact same. You inspire me to work at 70% of your level. LOL!

    Thanks heavens Friday's pain was a fluke. Scary! Too close to the race for that BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, omg, you are so fast. I wish I was fast like you, etc.

  10. I can't believe that FV is only 35 days away!!! WHERE has the time gone!?!?!? Your training continues to go INCREDIBLY well, though. I always say that while most people enjoy the destination, I like to focus on enjoying the journey to get to the destination. And it looks like you've been having a blast with your training. Your splits are killer consistent, too. KEEP IT UP!!!