Thursday, August 22, 2013

I miss this place. (TBT)

Where am I referring to?

The place where I left my heart, "the city by the bay," San Francisco!

I moved to SF after living in Mexico for a few years- I always felt a pull to the Bay Area. Maybe it was all those episodes of "Full House" I watched on Friday nights as a kid.

I lived in the SF bay area for 2.5 years immediately preceding our move to Chicago in January 2011.

L and I at the Bay Bridge 2010?

Ok so I didnt really "leave my heart" in San Francisco like Tony did mainly because my L is with me in Chicago :) But we have so many memories in SF it's hard not to feel a little bittersweet looking at these photos and remembering all the good times we had there.

Crissy Field, November 2009.

I'm convinced CB dreams about running free at Crissy Field when his legs are twitching while he's deep asleep.

Santa Clara dog park, 2009.

CB was a frisbee extraordinaire at the dog parks in the Bay Area. Here in Chicago it's difficult to play frisbee "legally" because the dog parks are concrete and tear up his paws. And I'd rather take him off leash to a nice grassy place.

The other place I miss is the trail I used to run on in the South Bay. The "Los Gatos Creek Trail" was a place I spent many miles training for the Nike Womens Marathon in 2010.

I loved seeing the mountains, the crazy aggressive geese, and the water while cruising up and down the path. And one of the best dog parks was just off of this trail, just ask CB!

What place do you miss?

- xaar


  1. UGH! Too bad CB can't come with you on your short trip to CA! He does look so so happy! :)

    Why aren't you guys considering relocating back there?

    I miss Spain. I loved it there. I think I just miss travel and being carefree. Ha ha.

  2. Great pics. CB seems really happy. "California, California I'm coming home." - Joni Mitchell

  3. CB does look very happy, I bet he does miss the great grassy dog park. Great pictures from the area. I feel very lucky to be living right where I have always wanted to live, pretty much right where I grew up.

  4. I loved my trip to SFO and want to go back again!

  5. I loved SF and I have a good friend who lives there. I know of one dog park, in the western burbs (I don't have a dog, I am sure there are more) and it is grass

  6. SF is such a beautiful city. I would love to go back and visit again. I don't know how people can live there with the cost of living so high, but it is a fun place to vacation! CB looks really happy there. :-)

    I miss Portland and Seattle the most. I would love to move back to the "west side" at some point. Spokane is limited! Cheap, but limited. :-)

  7. Have you guys made it up to the dog beach at Montrose beach?

    I miss Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, if I have to pick a place. It felt like a different country all together there!

  8. I've lived in Chicago my whole life, but from age 5-18, my parents took my bros and I up to the same lake in Michigan for a week every summer, and I miss that place. It was calm and peaceful and relaxing and didn't change much over the years. My bro and I went up there a couple times with friends recently, and it was still very much the same. I'd love to go back there again sometime.