Saturday, August 3, 2013

FVM BQ or BUST Week 7

This was my highest mileage week this year. And it felt damn good.

This week also marked the HALFWAY point in my training. Where has all the time gone!?!?! Time flies when youre having fun.

Monday- Easy 5

Got back from Vegas around 1am. Went to work. Was exhausted. Ran 5 miles, then picked up my little man from boarding.And I bought him an owl.
Tuesday- REST DAY!

Took my little man for a walk through Grant Park and all the Lolla setup, and saw a vividly painted dumpster.

Wednesday- Speed. 4x1.5 mile repeats/ threshold workout. By the last one, I was drenched in sweat and happy to be done. Although I felt like I could have kept going.

Thursday-  Easy 5

Little man had to go to the vet for his vaccinations and physical. He got a clean bill of health and was very happy to see me when I picked him up.

I also bought a new bathing suit! Not like i'll be hitting the Lake Michigan beach anytime soon, but at least I wont have to deal with heinous halter top tan lines anymore if I go for some post run sun on our rooftop.
Friday- Easy 8

Not much to see here. Just an easy 8 the day before my long run.
When I was running errands on my lunch break, I saw CB painted on a pillar under the EL. My pup is everywhere! :)

Saturday- LONG RUN 18 miles, with 8 @ GMP (Goal Marathon Pace). 

I honestly thought there was no way I'd be able to pull this run off. My legs were tired from 23 miles of runs the 3 days prior and I woke up feeling "blah." I didnt eat anything for breakfast because I  just wanted to hit the lakefront and get this run done. and mainly because I couldnt get my tired ass out of bed at 4am to eat something quick. Instead I was on the path at 5:50am.
I was hungry. It was early (I'm no morning runner), I was tired. My Legs were rusty. But instead of folding to excuses, I did what I always do: I simply just ran and enjoyed it. The first 8 miles were tough- they were into a strong headwind. I knew when I turned around running would be easier, but still thought any GMP miles were a long shot. When I picked up the pace for mile 9, my left quad felt like it was going to seize up. After 3/4 mile that feeling disappeared and I began clicking off the Goal Pace miles with ease.

This workout was a huge confidence builder. 

My legs are a little achy, nothing some hops cant fix. I spent the rest of the day with friends drinking beers and eating some good food and was happy to get out of the house for an afternoon.

Salt tabs and water only on this run. Forgot the goji berries i was going to eat at home. (sad face)

I ate 100% non processed foods/drinks Monday-Friday. Saturday I broke it in favor of eating some tacos from Big Star with friends. I feel much better physically and plan to continue eating a higher percentage of non processed foods each week. I just wont let this experiment of eating non processed foods become disordered eating.  I don't generally eat or drink many processed things to begin with, but I do have some room to improve my food intake.
I also did my nails on Saturday. I used the Sally Hansen "Salon Effects" to get this finish. It was relatively easy to use the "Peel-able" nail polish to apply and the pattern made me smile :)

50 days until Fox Valley. #FVMBQorBUST

- xaar


  1. I love everything about this, and you have become quite the photographer. It's in you Char, just patiently waiting for those 50 days to pass.

  2. Hi! 1. Great job on your training! 2. I love owls also. I have gotten several stuffed ones from friends. 3. Love the nails!

  3. Your training is going so well! You kicked butt yesterday. And please keep the puppy pics coming. He is seriously so adorable :) Can't wait to see how you do at Fox Valley!

  4. That is a good life motto after anything rough, nothing some hops can't fix!! If you every change your blog name, that should be it!

    Great week of training and that long run! boom! And without eating?

    your motto should can now be BQ or BQ by a lot!

  5. Ahh! What an awesome week! Congrats on that long run! :) I can't wait to see how you tackle FVM!

  6. Looks like you are doing great! Your long run was awesome, I kind of really miss those long runs. You keep on like this and you will easily get your BQ.

    Love the owl you got for CB.

  7. Way to kill it on your long run!

  8. Aww, what did CB think of the owl? Did he play nice or destroy it?! :)

    You did kill that long run! Dayum! So. What do you plan to use for fuel at FVM? And what to eat before? Ahh! Almost time to think about those things!

  9. Great week. That 18 miler was awesome. Congrats!