Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mikkeller Run Club Chicago #3

This past Saturday, April 4th was our third Mikkeller Running club run in Chicago!

We met at our wonderful clubhouse, The Northdown for our run and post run beer.

We were also lucky to have Ryan, from Mizuno on hand with shoes for us to try out!

Once again we were lucky to have great weather!

Despite it being Easter weekend, we still had a great turnout of 30 people!

After some photos, we started our run.

Our run is slightly over 3 miles and has minimal intersections.

MRC Runners in action!

MRC runners waiting at a stoplight.

MRC runners at the Montrose turnaround.

More MRC runners having fun.

And more!

We have a lot of fun on these runs.

After our 3 miles, we had the Mikkeller Spontanrosehip to quench our thirst.

We like to get fit through running while enjoying delicious beer and foods.

Mikkeller Running Club is for everyone. We are a chill group that enjoys running and drinking beer. Bring your friends.

Come join us for our next run on May 2nd! RSVP HERE


  1. Was a great time (as usual). I got to try on and run in the latest Mizuno Wave Inspires, also, free Mikkeller. Nice. :)