Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week?? Ambiguous training for something yet to be determined {2}

Another awesome week in the books! I only ran 10 miles, but worked out for 4 hours and 50 miles total, so there's that. I also ran my longest consecutive run in what seems like forever. I actually cant remember the last time I ran double digits.

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 10 miles cycled

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: REST

Friday: 10 miles cycled

Saturday: 10 miles run w/ 4 Tempo miles @ ( 7:12, 6:55, 7:02, 7:02) Followed by 5 miles on the bike

Sunday: 15 miles Cycled

L came home on Wednesday from Brasil, so I decided to spend time with him (especially since he has been home only a handful of days in the past 2 months). Since he was leaving for another trip early Friday, I decided my marriage > running and we went to Eataly for dinner on Thursday. I haven't been doing morning workouts lately and did not mind the extra time off.

With there not being any good 5k's happening in Chicago in April, (that fit my schedule), I have just been running/cycling whatever I feel. I like working out "intuitively"- if I feel like running fast, I pull a speed sesh out of my hat, or if I feel off, I run slow and then cycle and always finish with some PT/AB/Weights. I do like following a plan though, so I need to decide soon whether or not to focus on a half marathon, or just keep doing what I feel like. I've trained diligently for enough half- full marathons, that intuitively I know what I need to do to be successful should I choose to run longer. And now i've basically said nothing and everything in 100 words.
CB was all "HIGH 5's" one morning, which was probably because I had a stinky soft treat to give him. Although he is a fan of high 5's...
L returned from Brasil with a bottle of Mikkeller Running beer for me!! And to think I would only get to try this when I am in Copenhagen post MRC run... It was a nice ale- perfect for post run hydration. I was *slightly* jealous he got to run with the MRC Sao Paulo group because they had deferred their April 4th run to the 11th due to Easter. Because Brasil = Catholic.

Come join us for our 4th run on May 2nd in Chicago! RSVP/ More info: HERE
With L being home for 2 days after being in Brasil, and before that California and Vancouver and California, it was nice to spend some time together before he took off again.
Saturday I ran outside. In a tank top and froze my ass off. With the temp in the low 50's and 30mph winds, I was so ridiculously cold, but ran 5 miles into the headwind and felt pretty good. At the turnaround I decided to do 4 tempo miles and I was flyyyyiiiiinnnnnnng. It felt good to run long, and outside, and fast, and on the lakefront.
Post 10, I made beer. This will be my 5th, and is a Mikkeller single hop clone recipe. Currently it is fermenting vigorously under my bathroom sink, and while I have high hopes for it, I am slightly concerned about it not turning out ok. I didn't boil off enough of the wort and got a slightly lower gravity reading than I planned for. In 5-6 weeks, I'll hopefully have a decent beer to drink. I will also make another version of this exact beer, but with a different hop in a few more weeks. Fingers crossed this Cluster Hop IPA turns out well.
On Sunday CB and I went for a walk in Grant Park. I didn't feel like running, so we walked and sniffed the flowers.

Looking forward:

I'm excited to watch the Boston Marathon at work tomorrow......and then for it to be over. The hype surrounding it on social media this past week has been tiring to keep up with.

I can't wait to see my Daad later this week- last time he was here was in January.

Yay for a busy week at work- this week will fly by!

Continuing to research places to go in Paris and Copenhagen... I already have a nice list of restaurants, and sights to see, but am still reading about all things Paris and Copenhagen for more potential ideas.  And I am really excited for this trip. Like super duper excited to just wander the streets of Paris with L and eat bread and cheese and drink wine.

Up Next:

2 more recaps of my trip from 13 years ago... Amsterdam and Paris!


  1. I am excited for Boston today also, and for it to be over. The hype starts so early! no doubt if I were running it, it would be a little different :)

    1. That is exactly how I feel. It's fun to watch and support friends, but if you're not running it, just gets to be too much... :)

  2. I am so excited for the marathon too, except I won't be able to watch it at work

  3. Yay for your daad coming to visit! I'm so excited to keep track of the Boston Marathon, too. Can't wait to hear more about your European travels, past and future!!!

    1. It was exciting to watch today :) I've got 2 more throwback Europe posts before I start recapping the present Europe trip! Stay tuned :)