Friday, April 24, 2015

Random Friday Word Vomit aka "There is No Jet Lag" {1}

Random Friday Word Vomit.

I bought a trench coat! It's my first trench ever and I wanted something a bit non traditional and fell in love with this one from Betsey Johnson.
I also bought a bunch of clothes recently (and consequently purged my closet). I just can't bring myself to wear items that don't fit right or are past their prime. I'm 30+ years old now. Time to start dressing in a way that coincides with my personality and tastes more. Not that I dressed sloppy before, but I want to dress better and live up to my sorority nick name "tres chic." Ha ha ha

I stuck with a white/green/black theme so that everything can be worn together. Also, this makes packing for my trip to Paris and Copenhagen really easy because I can re-wear the pieces for different looks which equals less space in my carry on (and more room for shit to buy and bring home!)

When I went to Europe in 2002 for 16 days, I had a huge 90lb suitcase as well as a carry on. It was so ridiculously difficult to get around with it. I've since grown up, become travel smart and can pack a carry on with extra space(!) for trips of 10 days. (And this makes for a much more enjoyable trip!)

And to comment a little further on my traveler > tourist philosophy- I'm not purely hating on people who go places and take tours vs those who go off the beaten path. For some folks that's good enough. What I absolutely hate are the people who show no respect for other cultures- either by expecting everything to be the same as 'Murica (because Country X is not USA, DUH) or by acting rude towards the locals by raising their voices (thinking speaking louder in English will get them to understand?) this is a sore spot for me because when I lived in Mexico and cruise ship Tuesday/Thursday came along so did a bunch of douchey Americans dressed in wife beaters who would treat the employees at our favorite coffee shop like garbage. Speaking louder in a language people don't understand won't get them to understand what you want. It will never work. There's other more subtle ways to communicate universally with people who don't speak your language and still be able to be understood. {steps off soapbox}

I was looking at the tap list for CBC and saw Barrel Aged Vanilla Bean Dark Lord will be offered. Yesssssss. Between that and like 100 other beers I want to sample (of all different styles from the best breweries in the world) my thirst will be quenched and I will be very happy and bliznitzed.

CB has been extra adorable and precious lately. He must have been missing his daddy who has been on business trip after business trip lately. CB is usually not very affectionate, but he has been needy for affection lately.
Fluffy tail = Super fresh CB!

My big red fox got a bath yesterday morning. I was exhausted by the time I was done bathing him, but he seemed to be fired up and wanted to play. Unfortunately I had to go to work. Poor guy.

Next up: I need to pack for the trip. It's never too early! But honestly, I'd rather go with an empty suitcase and buy everything in Paris and Copenhagen because that would be fun, but not so good for my bank account. Womp.

I also need to figure out how to keep myself entertained for 9 hours on the flight. Preferably I'd like to pass out and wake up in Paris, but sleeping on planes even with Zzzzzzquil doesn't work we for me. The motto for this trip is "there is no jet lag." I'm planning on getting up ridiculously early the day of the flight so by the time we finally board I'll be tired. (But full of adrenaline because I'm traveling and going to PARIS!!) SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

There is no jet lag.


  1. I love your new ensemble! Especially the skirt! It seems like everything has been pencil skirts for years, and I definitely love a fuller silhouette. Of course, I'll only be working in an office for a few more months, so I can't really justify new work clothes. So I'll just be envious of yours :)

    Vanilla Bean Dark Lord sounds awesome. I've been loving vanilla porters lately. I can't wait to see what kinds of beers you'll have in Copenhagen, that sounds so awesome!

    Sleeping on planes is tough. I tried Nyquil for my last red eye and still kept waking up every 20 minutes, ugh. I hope you figure something out!

    1. Thank you :) I'm also enjoying the fuller skirts a lot lately too. I don't dress up much for work (very relaxed business casual) but figured the shirts would look good with skirt/slacks and jeans. Win win!

      Ooh what are your fav vanilla porters lately? I like the brekenridge one. L had an amer ale brewed with vanilla last night and it was so good- brewed by Pig Minds can't remember the name of it now.

      You and I are so much alike with the flying- same happened on my flights to/from Brazil. Took a zzzzquil and could only sleep 30 min at a time. What's up with that!?

    2. I try to buy things that are super versatile like that too. We have a casual dress code in my office, so anything that works with jeans will work there.

      And I misspoke, apparently I like a vanilla stout (thanks, Untappd)! My favorite thus far is the Tallgrass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat. So delicious and creamy. The Breckenridge VP is good too.

      I think I'm usually too excited about traveling when I fly, or sometimes eager to come home, so it's hard to keep sleeping. It's annoying though.

  2. I agree with Anne that the Vanilla Bean Dark Lord does sound awesome! I also can't sleep on planes especially en route to a cool trip like yours. However, what I try to do for long plane trips is to close my eyes for exactly an hour. No devices, no screens - just look at the back of my eyelids for one hour. Once I open my eyes, I feel refreshed since I at least tuned out the world - if only for an hour. Have great time!

  3. I've been trying to make my wardrobe better lately, although still on a budget, so I depend on ebay and other resale sites to get quality pieces that will last awhile. So far that's mostly boots.

    Also I love that skirt because I just can't do pencil skirts anymore. They weren't made for ladies with muscular thighs & glutes.

  4. I love the coat and skirt! I feel the same way lately - why should I wear something old and uncomfortable that I don't love? Life is too short!

  5. You look fabulous!!! Very stylish and classy. That trench coat is timeless!

    AMEN to people being respectful of the cultures they are in, as opposed to trying to force their homeland on other people. I think that the biggest thing is that folks put forth a reasonable attempt. Even if you are god-awful in, say, French, just making the effort to try to order from a restaurant in French will make a difference. I also get frustrated with folks who treat waitstaff or other customer service people poorly. I think that everyone should work in customer service at some point so that they will understand the other side. I used to be a cashier, and now at stores I am SO NICE to the cashiers because I know what it's like!

  6. love the new clothes...I really need new clothes, I HATE everything I own..just need that money tree

  7. That trench is nice! It's a little different and I like it!

    I've definitely done the touristy thing a time or two and I don't mind it. Sometimes I really want to see the touristy stuff! But yes, I always try to be respectful of people. A little patience can go a long way.