Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 10 of ?? Sub 20 5k training AKA: Friends > Running

Another "meh" training week. Although I don't really care because in the grand scheme of things one off week won't impact me much. Plus, I had a lot of fun this weekend and wouldn't trade spending time with friends for a run.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 5 mile progressive run, 5 miles cycle

Wednesday: 4 miles on the lakefront with my boys

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: 10.3 miles total. AM: 7 miles containing 1x 1 mile @ 6:22, 2x800's @ 6:07, 4x 400's @ 5:52. Felt really good. Followed by MRC #3 an easy 3.3 miles.

Sunday: Rest.

24 miles total for 3 hours.

I felt crappy Thursday and Friday and decided not to prolong the crap feeling by running.

Saturday morning I did a nice little speed sesh and felt fab. My "cool down" was running 3.3 miles with the Mikkeller Running Club a few hours later.

I'm itching to run a 5k and see where I'm at but nothing is really looking good until May. I want low hanging fruit- basically something easy to get to, a flat fast course, and good weather. The Race that's good for life is on my radar and I'll have to decide very soon if I'll run it this weekend. (I just don't want to ride the el for 45 min to get there!!)  I've heard really good things about it and the course looks great- minimal turns, basically one big loop. Decisions decisions.

Cb celebrated Easter earlier this week with Fido.

Wednesday I got to run on the lakefront with my boys. It was so gorgeous out!

Saturday was our 3rd Mikkeller Running Club run out of the Northdown. Despite it being Easter weekend, we still had a great turnout! (More on that in another post)

Post MRC we had a bottle share with friends. I don't think I've stayed up that late in a long time. But it was a ton of fun!

Sunday we went to another friend's house for Easter/ goodbye party for a friend L has known for over 10 years who is moving back to Croatia. We had a blast hanging out with him and his friends, drinking beer and eating really delicious foods.

Looking forward:

Must decide today or tomorrow if I'll register for the 5k this weekend.

Need to continue reading my Paris and Copenhagen books to see if there's anything we really want to see while there. Since we aren't into touristy stuff, I'm mainly looking for restaurants and cool places to walk around.

I really hope to run outside with CB dog again this week. His happy face melts my heart.


  1. I was going to suggest this 5K, but it would require QUITE the train ride. Super flat though. Minimal turns. But I don't need no bitches from the city coming and taking my 1st place AG. JK. I don't think I am running it. And you might not be in town.

    I will have to think if I did anything cool in Copenhagen that you would like. The architecture there is so neat! Are you going to take the train to Malmo so you can say you've been to Sweden, too? :)

    It's so awesome you are having a great turnout for the run club! Can't wait until I can do one!

  2. Wow, nice speedy workout pre-Mikkeller RC! I'm about 50/50 on running the Good For Life 5k as well. I am probably in shape to get within 20 seconds of my 5k PR, so it might be worth it to roll the dice and see if I can get a tailwind on that fast course. On the other hand, if I wait and do nothing but train for three more weeks, I can more gradually get to PR speed (without forcing it too much) just in time for the Ravenswood 5k. It will likely be warmer by then in any case, which will bode well for a faster time. I think that Oak Park is about a 15 minute Metra ride, but it looks like the Oak Park Metra station is further from the race than the Green Line station, so it would probably take the same amount of time.