Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week whatever out of ?? ambiguous training for something or not

This week...Eh...

Monday: REST

Tuesday: Progressive 4 miles followed by 6 miles on the stationary bike

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: REST

Friday: 3 Miles

Saturday: 4 Miles with the pup, followed by a half assed speed sesh of 2 miles.

Sunday: 5 Miles, 36:50. Finally a speed sesh! Alternated one song fast, one song at 8:00 pace. (Speed songs were at 6:48, 6:48, 6:39, 6:39, 6:31)

6 miles cycling
18 miles running

Tuesday morning I woke up and my neck was hurting a lot. I must have slept funny since I do not recall any specific trauma. My neck was quite uncomfortable during work Tuesday and even more so during my run Tuesday evening. Wednesday and Thursday I was going out of my mind with the pain in my neck, and aleve wasnt helping it at all. I could barely function at work so running was absolutely out of the question.  A few epsom bath soaks later, Friday I woke up feeling much better.

Saturday I ran with CB then went shopping. I bought some nice stuff to wear in Paris and Copenhagen as well as springtime here, whenever it gets a bit warmer.

Sunday I did a moderate speed sesh since my neck was still a tad janky & because CB wasnt feeling well. I called the vet to see if I could take him in, but they were only accepting dogs with flu symptoms (which he does not have thankfully) but I have to keep an eye on him and hopefully not have to find another vet. He does seem much better now (Sunday evening) than earlier Sunday.
Me and my bear. I love him so much.
Monday I got to see some wonderful ladies for a nice chat and dinner. It was awesome catching up with Anne, Emmers and Erin.
Tuesday I voted. CB said he voted many times earlier in the day while I was at work.
Sunday I bottled my Russian Imperial Stout which has been fermenting for 2 months! I had to open one of my old IPAs for the bottle (because I only have 12 total!), and surprisingly it tasted much better than it did in January. I also bottled one bottle of the Belgian stout I made 3 weeks ago. The rest of the Belgian stout will be seconday fermented with coffee. I just need to cold brew some first.I think this Belgian stout is going to be amazing.
Looking forward:

Since there are no "good" 5ks that fit in my schedule before my vacation, I am unsure if I want to continue focusing on 5k prep- or maybe change it up and start running longer since the weather is nice. I'd love to smash my stagnant half marathon PR this year (it's been nearly 2 years since my last 13.1!!!).On top of that, I am really enjoying running/cycling/lifting weights and my continued PT exercises and am not really excited to race. At least right now.. I'm sure that will change soon. I want quality performance over quantity races this year and know post vacation, I'll be itching to take advantage of the good weather and let my legs fly.

Up next:

Throw back posts of my trip to Europe 2002, because my daad found some photo cds I had of half of my pics from the trip. And because I found my journal from that trip. And because I am super excited to return to Europe after 13 years!!!



  1. I would love to be packed in your suitcase and go to Europe again too. Glad CB seems to be feeling better and your neck too. I have had a bit of a zing in mine this week. What is up with that?

    1. I wish I could take you! I promise to take loads of photos :)

      Stupid neck pain. Must be the weather or something??

  2. Nice speed sesh - way to finish strong! Glad to hear that your neck is okay and that CB is doing good. I set my 5k and half marathon PRs within 2 weeks of each other, and I think you could as well. Yum stout and yay to your Europe trip!

    1. Haha thanks. This week sucked. But they can't all be roses and rainbow pooping unicorns ;) I'll take your word for it and now I'll expect a nice half PR in early June as well as another 5k PR!

    2. Isn't life great when it's mostly rainbow pooping unicorns? Ha, ha. Anyway, which half in early June are you looking at?

  3. It was so great to see you last week!!!

    Sorry to hear about the neck discomfort. I've had that happen to me a couple of times, too, and the discomfort is no joke. Glad the epsom salt helped!

    LOL at CB voting many times during the day while you were at work. =D

    Can't wait to see the throwback pics from 2002!!!