Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 9 of ?? Sub 20 5k training aka I Shuffled and did stuff

Another week another race PR.

I love these photos from the Shamrock... Even the derpy face ones... It's quite clear (and encouraging) my stride is no longer nearly as whackadoodle which means I'm way more efficient. (No more knees turning inward, feet kicking out) all of that was fixed with 4 weeks off running & continued PT. The result: I'm more balanced and using less effort for more power. Boom! *Although I could care less what my stride looks like as long as I can run injury free and PR when I put the work in.*

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 5 progressive miles, 6 cycle miles

Wednesday: 5 mile run, 5 mile cycle

Thursday: rest

Friday: 3 miles with 2x 400's, 7 mile cycle

Saturday: 3 miles with strides

Sunday: 4.97 miles for the Shamrock Shuffle 35:17 and a new PR!!

Cycle: 18 miles, for 1:15
Run: 21 miles, for 2:40

I took this week more conservative since I had a race on the schedule. My priority was to go in with fresh legs and PR and feel great. I PR'd and felt great and was happy with the result especially since I have a very difficult time in cold weather.

Not much else to say about this past week's workouts. For this coming week, I'll go back to 2 speed sessions and hopefully add a longish run on the weekend. I want to keep chasing the sub 20, but I also want to run a half marathon and blow that PR out of the water. I don't have a "goal" 5k on my schedule yet, but will try to find something in the next few weeks to see where I'm really at with the sub 20 goal.

It snowed 6" on Monday. Um yay?

CB didn't find the snow amusing later on in the week either.

Sbux spelled my name correct on Friday and subsequently I bought lotto tickets (to celebrate!) but have yet to check to see if I was a winner.

I bought some books last week. Per Emmers blog post, I bought "how to be Parisian wherever you are" and then proceeded to go overboard with a few more books- well ones I "need" because L and I will be going to Paris and Copenhagen.

I also made CB more spent grain biscuits on Saturday. I have a ridiculous amount of spent grain and biscuits in the freezer now.

This week, I'm looking forward to:

More speed sessions!

Walks outside with the CB dog.

A longish run on the weekend

Our 3rd Mikkeller Running Club run! (Come join us!)


  1. Oooh, you're going to Paris and Copenhagen? Jealous!

    How awesome that Starbucks finally got your name right! Whenever anyone actually gets mine right it almost looks wrong, just because I'm so used to all the misspellings.

    1. Yes :) sooner than later! I wish I could stow you away in my suitcase :)

      Haha that was actually my first thought when I saw it- that it was spelled wrong.

  2. Congrats on the awesome week and Shuffle! I giggled at the Sbucks pic! LOL

    1. Thank you :) I was shocked at my name being spelled right. Unfortunately, I just checked my lotto tickets and was not a winner. Womp

  3. Whackadoodle = awesome word! Anyway, just keep doing what you're doing and you will keep riding the PR train for awhile (I hope to jump on at least once this year!) Yay for the next Mikkeller Running Club!

    1. Hehe :) I have a feeling with your 80/20 plus cutback in mileage you'll be PRing soon! Can't wait for MRC saturday!!!!

  4. Once again huge congrats on your PR!! and great job not being all whackadoodle with your running form. It is my goal to use the word whackadoodle at least twice in a conversation today. My husband will love it.

  5. yoohoo on the correct spelling, boo on the no winning of the lottery tickets

    Congrats on your PR

  6. Ham must have the best canine digestive system in Chicago by consuming all that grain and fiber!