Sunday, March 20, 2011

16 miles, felt like poo

Planned to do 20-22 miles on Saturday. Ended up with 16 in 2:29

33 for the week
200 for the past 5 weeks.

Not too shabby you might say. However I just felt heavy, fatigued, and like I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Around mile 11 my favorite underwear for long distances decided to act up and cause wedgie after wedgie which I couldnt seem to fix. Don't like the chaffing that resulted.This run was the first bad run ive had in recent memory. I couldn't pinpoint it to anything specific, guess it was just one of those days. Weird thing was i only averaged 4 seconds a mile slower than my 18 miler last week. But I felt so good last week. 

On the way back around mile 11

It was a bit chilly. More than I expected because it was so sunny I assumed it would be warm out. I'm glad I brought my gloves. It was 34 with some nice wind.

Almost got run over by some senior citizen who decided to drive on the trail. He almost caused an accident trying to get back onto the road a half mile down the trail. He should NOT be driving anymore.

Soldier field in the distance!

Less than 2 miles to go!

So I ran out a little more than 8 miles so I could walk a few blocks home. I pushed the last mile to 8:20 something to make up for the crappiness of the previous 15 miles. It felt good to walk a few blocks back. When I got home all of a sudden I started feeling like I was going to puke and have major stomach issues out of nowhere! Bam! Luckily I started feeling better after drinking some more water and later on some mt dew. It cures any stomach issue I've had. Maybe because I never drink soda except while I'm sick- it was pretty awesome how it fixed me so fast!

(the water really did look like that yesterday... Crazy!)

Decided to take today off to recuperate. This week sucked. I. Stomach flu earlier in the week and now this. I'm feeling good about this coming week.

On the menu for this week is the Chi-Town Half marathon. My first race of 2011, and first race as a resident of Chicago. Im excited and cannot wait to PR in this race. Im in better shape now than when I was training for the Nike Women's Marathon last year.

Off to make a new pasta concoction..


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