Saturday, March 19, 2011


Made sauce from scratch last night. It was my own recipe. I decided to take this on because I bought a jar of commercial sauce last week and I couldn't eat it because it was too salty.

I think each week I'll create a new recipe for sauce or pasta-combo.

Ingredients! Tomatoes, paste, onion, garlic, shallot, italian seasoning

The veggies sautéing in olive oil. Then once the onions were almost clear I added some Italian seasoning and stirred for another minute.

Added the paste and a little water to the pot and also added 2 chicken stock cubes.

Next i dumped in the 2 cans of tomatoes.

Brought the goodness to a boil and Then let it simmer for around 45 minutes.

Finished product:


A little less healthy with the cheese.

Also had mozzarella baked garlic bread And some meatballs and sausage from the Italian place near my house.

Good carb loading for my long run this weekend!



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  1. Yummmmm!!! Good luck with the long run-I'm headed out for mine NOW!