Thursday, March 10, 2011

My love affair

Dear outside,

I am sorry I havent stopped by in a while. I do enjoy our 2 mile walks each day but for running I have been seeing someone else.

This may come as a surprise, and it was/ is a huge surprise for me too, but I really am starting to enjoy running on a treadmill.

Ever since moving to Chicago I have run outside one time in the past 7 weeks. The weather is a big factor in this.

I miss running on the trail in alameda and running from my apartment to the Oakland airport runway and watching the planes take off. (and not worrying about slipping on ice)

And seeing a cool skyline not obstructed by snowy stuff

Cb was always game to go for a run. Now he is like "go have fun. It's too cold, I'll stay here."

There is also no eye candy Outside here in Chicago because it's too cold.

Please tell the person operating the weather machine to turn it up to the mid 40's to 50's. And no rain!

Now when the weather warms up I will be faced with a tough decision. My loyalty is to the tread. How will I ever run outside again?

Especially after last night. I did 6 miles, when I had planned to do 4 or 5. I just felt so good I decided to do 6. I wanted to do more but that made 9 for the day 3 miles in the morning) and I decided to stop. Maybe it was because of the cran apple chomps I just got in the mail.

Cb looking at the busted box from RRS filled with goodies for me.


This weekend will be scary. The weather is looking good for an 18 mile run outside. I need at least 3 more long runs before i start to taper. How will I break the news to my mistress, the treadmill that it will not get to share Saturday morning with me? How will I feel about running along the lake? My garmin will be very happy to be used again. But I will feel guilty about not spending time with the tread. Or will I?


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  1. I hope the weather cooperates for you! I really miss the outdoors myself.