Sunday, March 13, 2011

18 mile LSD

Did 18 miles in 2:46. About 9:14 a mile. I didn't plan to go out quite that fast but felt extremely comfortable. I never tried to push the pace and felt great the entire time. I ran on the lakefront trail all the way to the hood where it ends. The only bad thing was all the bathrooms were locked (until april- from what I could read on the internets.) Oh well. Now I know not to drink too much before- during a run.

Had some orange bloks and some cran apple chomps and a salt stik every 5-6 miles.

About 6 miles into the run. It was about 35 degrees with 10-15mph winds.

Saw this on a side of a restaurant near my place and decided it was what I needed post run.

To celebrate my 18 miles, a Sam Adams Boston lager. What could be more fitting??!!

Sam Adams with fully loaded chili! Delicious!

167 miles for the past 4 weeks!! 60 miles this week!!!!! Yay!

Sears tower celebrating St Patricks day.



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  1. Sam Adams and chili that is a great way to celebrate a great long run.