Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pigeon feathers

I was going to run outside today but I have a big aversion to running In very cold temps. (less than 40) I also prefer not to run outside when it's cold and raining (unless it is a race) or snowing (don't want to slip). Today has been a steady fall of pigeon feathers.

To me, snow looks like pigeon feathers falling. Big and small clumps of white light chunks floating around. Maybe I think this because I never lived in a snowy place until a month ago. Or perhaps it is my disdain for pigeons that makes me think of them loosing their feathers. I just don't want to run outside in it. I also hate when snow gets into my eyes. It kind of burns. Treadmill it is!!

(I also love animals and don't like seeing any animal get hurt)

At least the eternal flame at the Daley center (chicago) keeps them warm. (or are they roasting themselves?)

The ones in San Fran don't need fire to stay warm. There are so many of them!

When it's super cold in Chicago, they hang out near Garretts popcorn. What's better than pigeon poop and popcorn?

Off to the treadmill!!!!



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