Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rain Rain go away! (and snow too!)

(this photo would have looked much better had a bus not plowed through the water. I really liked the reflection of the cones in the water. Maybe tomorrow....)

So it rained today. It was dodgy when I was walking home so I decided not to get stuck outside during a thunder storm and just do some speedwork on the tread.

Did 5 x 800 repeats at 7:47 per mile pace with a 400 jog in between each one. The 6th repeat was a whopping 1200 at 7:47 pace followed by a nice 400 to make it 5 miles for the day.

I felt great. I'm in much better shape now than when I trained for 16 weeks leading up to the Nike womens marathon last year. I made it a point to take it easy and not get injured then. But I never really pushed myself at all. I've accomplished more in the past 6 weeks of training than in the 16 last year.

I'm anxiously excited about the chi-town half marathon this weekend. I know I'll get a PR. I've hit my pr 3 times now on my long runs (which seemed effortless). I have not been operating at my full potential for the past few years. This year I have put in quality miles and it is making a huge difference. I would like to set a goal for this half other than break the PR by a second or minute. I'm just not sure what I'm capable of currently. I want to push, but have a few other more important races coming up that I need to be healthy for. I might even tack on 3-5 extra miles after it to make it one last long run before the taper.

I must think about a goal/ strategy/ plan for this race.

Good night!


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