Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A bad 1st impression

I was held by Bill Rodgers in 1983.

When my Daad found out I was running the Boston marathon this year (he ruined the surprise by accidentally finding me in the entrant list. We have the same last name) he sent me this photo.

My dad writes:
"Char was about 14 mths old. Bill Rodgers had already won 4 Boston Marathons and 4 New York City Marathons. This was taken at the Cayman Islands 10K. Char was not happy to have Boston Billy holding her !

Tom Fleming. another world-class marathoner at that time is on the far right hand side of the picture in the white t-shirt. He won the NYC Marathon twice and finished in 2nd place behind Rodgers twice in Boston."

Look at me! This is embarrassing! Clearly I did not appreciate his accomplishments or care who he was at the time.

Hopefully I can see Bill in Boston and apologize for this meeting 28 years ago.

The race was actually 9/18/1983.

Daad found it through a company that specialized in destination races.

My daad was pretty fast back then!


Belladog has made it to Houston and is waiting for her flight to Tampa this afternoon!


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