Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mikkeller Run Club Chicago #2

On Saturday March 7th, we had our second gathering of Mikkeller Running Club, Chicago chapter.

It was another huge success with 41 people in attendance!

We started our run at 11:15am from The Northdown, our amazing clubhouse.
We were super lucky once again to have the best weather we could have possibly asked for. Our first MRC Run was also an abnormally warm, beautiful day. The month between these 2 runs contained one blizzard and sub freezing temps for nearly every single day.

We dodged puddles of melting slush and some ice to make it to Montrose, our turn around point.

We had a lot of fun running down Ravenswood.

We even had fun waiting at one of the 2 stoplights on our run.

MRC Chicago is a fun crowd!

After the turnaround.

More happy, thirsty runners!

Our clubhouse had 2 beers on draft we could choose from for our 1st complimentary post run beer:

The first was Mikkeller "USAlive!" a tasty Strong Belgian ale.

The other was "Damn It Jim, I'm A Coffee Porter Not A Stout." A delicious coffee porter collab between Werk Force Brewing and South Loop Brewing. A quick side note: South Loop Brewing did a crowd funding round and my husband and his friends went in to support South Loop Brewing- the amount they paid got them a package where they got to help brew a beer with South Loop. This is the beer they helped make. I could certainly taste the love! (and Colombian Coffee Beans!) If you find this on tap go drink it! It's a delicious rich porter.

I also saw Northdown had received Mikkeller's new "Book of Beer." So being the Mikkeller fangirl that I am, I bought a copy. It contains a lot of info on Mikkel- and how Mikkeller became the gypsy brewery they are today, as well as some of their recipes for beer... Which of course I will attempt to make at some point!  There was also a shout out in the book for none other than our clubhouse, The Northdown as being a beer bar that is not to be missed!

Dont miss out on our next run! Invite your friends!

Saturday, April 4th 11:15am at our clubhouse,  The Northdown.

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  1. I had the "Coffee Porter Not A Stout" and it was delicious! Thanks again for ordering up such fantastic weather for the run. Looking forward to the next one! :)

  2. This looks like soooo much fun. I will have to plan one of our weekend staycations around the run so I can meet up with you all!!