Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 6 of ?? Sub 20 5k Training...

This week can be summed up as "MEH." I was sweating buckets during the speedwork and didn't feel as springy as usual. Whether it was hormones or a cold type thing or a combo of both, I just wasn't feeling myself this week. I started thinking there is no way I'll be able to hit sub 6:26 a mile for 3.1 miles in a race anytime soon while doing the 1200's, BUT I quickly reminded myself I was feeling off and this is not how I usually feel. Sure, the sub 20 5k won't be easy, but it shoudn't feel like a complete struggle whenever it happens.

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 7 miles, 53:20. "Some slow, some fast" 3  miles easy, 4 miles @ 7:18, 7:13, 7:13, 7:08

Wednesday: 11 miles cycle

Thursday: 6 Miles, 42:45. "4 x 1200's" 2 mile WU, 4x 1200's @ 4:40 (6:15/mile)

Friday: REST

Saturday: 3 miles progressive before MRC.
                 3ish miles with Mikkeller Running Club.

Sunday: REST

19 Miles running for 2:29.05

11 Miles cycling for 45:30

30 miles total for 3:14.35

By Friday I was feeling funky at work. Saturday morning, I ran 3 miles before MRC and felt quite bad. The 3 easy miles I ran with MRC were awful. The rest of the day I napped and did not eat anything because I felt so sick. Sunday I felt much better so I met my friend Vicky for brunch. But by the time I got home the stomach issues returned and I slept the afternoon away. The bad thing is I wanted to run again on Sunday but had no energy. The "silver lining" is I'm much closer to racing weight now... I just hope to be eating normal asap because my first 5k is this weekend!

I got some cool Toms with a Foxy "CB" print on them.
I got a lot of kisses post 1200's this week. CB is always happy to see me post workout. I'm just a huge salt lick to him...
We tried my blackberry stout this weekend. It was alright, but not quite as good as I thought it would be. I believe that it needs to bottle condition for a bit longer. This bottle was opened after 1.5 weeks of conditioning- We will try another bottle after 3 weeks and hopefully it will taste better. With this being my 2nd batch of all grain beer, I am constantly trying to improve and understand the process better. I'm excited for my next batches as my knowledge grows. I know CB is happy when I make beer because he gets biscuits.
Sunday CB curled up next to me while I took a long nap after brunch. I think he knew I wasn't feeling well and just wanted me to feel better and take him for a walk. Sorry buddy, not today. But hopefully this week we can go for a run or walk together.
Looking forward:

  • I hope this stomach bug ends quick and doesn't impact me much more than the 2.5 days it already has caused havoc.

  • The forecast for my 5k so far is complete crap. low 40's and rain. I need to figure out what to wear for it, especially if the forecast doesn't change by Thursday. I know i'll wear my Mikkeller Running Club shirt, but might have to add arm warmers. I wanted to wear my new neon green skirt from Track n Field that I bought in Brasil, but skirts and rain = too much excess soggy material. So most likely i'll wear some booty shorts or capris. I can always wear my skirt for the Shamrock Shuffle.
  • I'd like to get one more solid speed sesh in before this weekend, but that all depends on how I feel post stomach bug. I want to go into the 5K with fresh legs and really see where i'm at in this sub 20 goal.




  1. Hope you are feeling better and soon! Good luck with your 5k that race adrenaline will help carry you.
    I have never tried to make beer, but I remember once when I was younger my dad made some and he never did like his own beer :)
    Love the foxy CB shoes!
    Good luck on your 5k may you have a spring in your step!, I have a half this weekend and am hoping for that spring in my step to be there too!

    1. Thank you so much :) so far I'm better but this weather change (to warmer temps suddenly) isn't helping.

      I question if it's worth it to make beer. It's a long process (easy but time consuming) and I'm making just one gallon... It's far easier to just go buy a bottle of something I know I'd like, but making it is giving me a much bigger appreciation for it too.

      I hope you flyyyyyy in your half this weekend!!

  2. There is a bad stomach bug going around, a few of my coworkers have had it, it starts violently and then no appetite for about 4 days

    Feel better

  3. Gosh I hope you feel better quickly!!!!!

  4. Sorry to hear about the stomach bug last week. I'm glad you reminded yourself that it was just an off day/week. I am always over-analyzing how I feel/how my legs feel during and after runs. I have to remember that the most important thing is if I feel good once the gun goes off on race day, which by the way, is largely out of my control. The main thing is to keep plowing ahead with the workouts and see what happens at the race. Anyway, hope that bug is far behind you now and that you can get "fresh" for your 5k. Good luck!

    1. It's definitely an important skill to know when you're having an off day or not. I know now not to get too hard on myself if it doesn't feel "right." And sometimes back off to avoid over doing it on those days. Sounds like we have the same mindset with analyzing our runs- which makes us successful in training and races :)

  5. Stomach bugs are the absolute worst. I am so sorry to hear that you were going through that. The extra rest days can be frustrating, but you were very smart to not push things. I've heard before that you can run if you've got an ailment above the neck, but things like stomach bugs are an unquestioned prescription to just rest. I wish you the speediest of recoveries!!!

    1. Thank you! Luckily the stomach bug part has passed but now I'm feeling all stuffy and foggy likely due to te weather change. But as you mentioned, a few rest days won't hurt and will probably enable me to feel extra springy this weekend :)

  6. Hope you are feeling better! Stomach bugs suck!

    I think every once in a while, crap weeks are okay. They usually just remind me to get in my easy recovery weeks when I need them!