Thursday, March 19, 2015

Vancouver days 4-5 {more sea wall running, Public Market, breweries and oysters!}

On Monday L didn't have any training so we decided to start the day with a run along the sea wall. We were also lucky that the sun came out!

I took L to the totems.

And we 'Grammed them.

And took selfies with them.

Vancouver looked amazing in the rain and overcast conditions. Vancouver also was stunning with the sun out!

The sea wall wasn't busy at all.

I was so happy to go for a nice run with L and spend some time with him!

The cherry trees were also in full bloom.

After our run, we took the cute water taxi to Granville Island to go to the Public Market and Granville Island Brewery.

The tour at GIB was informative and fun. The gal leading our tour definitely knew her way around beer.

We ended up sampling 8 of their beers, including the potato stout I had post race. My favorite was either their winter ale or their Scottish ale. Yum!

Once we were good and buzzed, we walked over to the Public Market for lunch.

The market is super clean and full of the usual market type stalls- containing fruits & veggies, meats and other goods. They also had many food vendors with all different ethnicities of food. We ended up with Indian food and it was so delicious!

We couldn't pass up dessert. Duh. I had chocolate mousse.

After lunch we took the 4 minute water taxi ride back to the other side.

The sunset was especially amazing on Monday night- my last night in Vancouver. That was the view from our hotel.

For dinner I wanted oysters (because Vancouver seafood = so good) So we ended up at "Chewies." The oysters were out of this world fresh and delicious. My favorite were the Kusshi from BC.

Post Chewies, we closed out our night at Steamworks brewing with a couple of good beers.

On Tuesday morning we went to Medina cafe. I can't remember where I had found this place, but the menu looked incredible.

I started with a lavender latte. Divine.

For breakfast I had "Fricassee Champignon" basically a delicious skillet with mushrooms, potatoes, arugula and fried eggs.

We went back to the hotel and I re packed my suitcase and took one more photo from our room.

Then I said goodbye to L and took a cab to the airport.

I love the airport- it's super clean and has cool statues in it.

I wore compression socks on the 4+ hour flight to Vancouver and my legs were throbbing by the end of it. (The soreness lasted for a few days) On the way home, I didn't wear compression socks and my legs felt great. A day later they still feel fresh. Same thing happened on my flight to Brasil. Needless to say I'll never wear them on a flight again.

I got wifi on the plane and killed time by writing blog posts. It was still a long ass flight at 4 hours.

Final thoughts:

I loved Vancouver. It surpassed all my expectations for scenery, food and ambiance. While the diversity of the folks in Vancouver was surprising to me, the concentration of super cars or exotic super cars was even more surprising. The amount of Ferrari's and Lamborghini's and Maserati's was crazy! I had no idea there was so much money in Vancouver!

I was so happy L and I got to take a short trip to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. It was so wonderful to visit Vancouver together.


  1. Happy anniversary to you and L!!! What an amazing way to celebrate together, going to Vancouver. The food, the drink, the locals, the oceans, the mountains... Vancouver is awesome in endless ways!!! And it sounds like you got to experience so much of what Vancouver has to offer!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Your trip looked amazing!!! I'm glad you guys had such a nice time!!