Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 5 of ??? Sub 20 5k training.

So I’ll *try* to refrain from sounding like a broken record for the 5th week in a row. BUT, I really need to start giving myself more credit in regards to my abilities. I’m pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, it should be uncomfortable but not impossible. I’m always left wanting more post speed work.  The 4x1 mile repeats were tough. In fact, it was probably the hardest workout I've completed in the past 5 weeks. The first mile was particularly difficult. I couldn't get into a good rhythm, and just felt off. The rest of the repeats felt comfortably hard but marginally easier. So I’m chalking this one up to an off day vs being too difficult. And this was the first time I was just happy to be done with a speed work sesh.

Monday: REST!
Tuesday:  7 miles- Progressive
Wednesday:  3 mile run, 5 mile cycle
Thursday: REST!
Friday: 20 miles cycled- 10 AM/10 PM
Saturday:  8 miles total. 4x1 mile repeats @ 6:22, 6:22, 6:18, 6:18. 3 min recovery between. COWABUNGA
Sunday:  4 Mile recovery run. 8 mile cycle

Total time: 5 hours
Running: 22 miles/ 2:50.43
Cycling: 33 miles/ 2:09.30

Total miles: 55 miles total

The snow came back again, along with the cold.

The week was super ridiculously busy at work, which spilled into my personal life leaving me zapped by the end of the day not wanting to work out. BUT, since I have a goal I either woke up before work to work out, or pushed through at the end of the day- something I was so thankful for later on. I hate to sound cliché, but that 7 mile progressive on Tuesday was the perfect addition to my day. I just didn't feel that way when I started. By mile 7 I was happy to have a midweek longish run and I felt energized- a complete 180 to how I had felt 56 minutes earlier when I got home pre-run.
During work this week I reminisced about running my last marathon almost a year ago while drinking tea out of the mug I bought at the race expo. (I don't buy all pint glasses from races!). Knoxville was so fun, but I don't miss spring marathon training one bit!
I also wore my "most expensive shirt" to the gym this week. That sweet cotton blend only cost me around $1500, but is priceless because I am injury free and running better than I ever have in my life currently. I am also keeping up with my PT exercises to ensure I don't waste my "investment" that I put into PT.
CB got to see his boyfriend this weekend too for a quick sniff fest. CB was so happy to see Paddy. Couldn't say the same for Paddy.
Our weekend was chill and helped us unwind from our busy work weeks. CB wasn't amused for our awkward "family photo" we took.

Looking forward:

We registered for the Shamrock Shuffle. It will be my 4th and L's 3rd, and I cannot wait to obliterate my PR from 2013 when I last ran it. I was on the fence about it for a while since I'm not really into super large events as much any more, but quickly decided I would regret my decision on race day when I could see all the runners going by our apartment. Shamrock Shuffle here I come! Plus, it is 2 weeks after my first 5k of the year, so It will be a great test to see where I'm at for the sub 20 goal.

Mikkeller Running Club Chicago:

Also: Come join us on Saturday March 7th for our 2nd Mikkeller Run Club run. RSVP/Details HERE.  Hope to see you on Saturday!!


  1. Way to kick ass and take names with your workouts. 6:22, 6:22, 6:18, 6:18! Those are some sub fast intervals that you just need to string together in two weeks for your sub 20! I can totally relate to how a decent run can turn a blah day around 180°. Maybe that's how I get in trouble running too much - because if I'm sluggish and need a pick-me-up, I go for a run! Then the next day I'm even more sluggish and I go for a run, and so on. Anyway, so cool that you are running the Shuffle! It will be a blast. Also, I'm still planning on going to the Mikkeller run. I guess I need to RSVP! :)

    1. Hehe thanks :) those 4x1's really had me questioning if sub 20 is even possible. I thought I could hold that pace for 2.5 miles at most. Maybe... But we will see how it goes in 2 weeks- I'm planning on trying to PR, (sub 21:30) but sub 20 might be too ambitious on a hilly course. But I won't count it out.

      That good feeling post run is addictive! And I'm happy you recognized it was getting you into trouble. The shuffle will be fun! So many friends running it!!

      I haven't created a new google doc for you to RSVP to mikkeller. And since you don't have FB, I'll just take you at your word that you'll attend ;) we are an Informal bunch as you know ;)

    2. Yes, definitely go for a PR. If you can sub 20, that would be awesome, but baby steps are sometimes better than overspeeding the first mile and missing a PR because you went out too fast. Anyway, If you hold back during the first mile, then let the race adrenaline kick in, you will be surprised at what you can do on race day. I always need to trust that my slower first mile will mean a faster final 1.1. Ha, ha. thanks for taking my word for it. After my last comment I went on the FB page to register for the Mikkeller and saw that I couldn't! :)

    3. Sound advice. Pacing will be the hardest for me- first because I've been on a treadmill all winter and haven't gotten to practice what 6:2x pace feels like outside but also because the first Half mile of my race is downhill... I'm hoping a more restrained 6:3x pace will be good for the first mile so I can negative split the rest and have some gas in the tank for the uphill finish...

      I'm happy you are joining us on Saturday :)

  2. Holy speedy splits! So consistent, too. WAY TO PUSH THROUGH!!! In my experience, about one out of every five workouts is either really good or really bad. So good for you for getting that "off" workout day out of the way!

    Love the family photo with you, CB, and L, especially the way that CB is gazing into the camera. =) Also love CB's little red paw-covers!

    Yay for you and L both running Shamrock!!! I'm so excited to run Shamrock this year, too. =D

    1. Hehe only consistent because I was on the treadmill and it was "run or fly off the back" lol. 1 out of 5 is not a bad number for extremely good or bad. Hopefully there's more super awesome runs than the opposite. Most of mine lately are just fine. Nothing too special or anything. This was the first one where I felt off- but usually when I'm in a funk I go cycle. ;)

      Post shamrock brunch!!!! Yummmmmmmm

  3. YAY for things going so well! and that is a pricey t shirt but I would think well worth it!

  4. So glad things are going so well for you!!!! I ran Shamrock last year and had a blast. Kinda bummed I can't make it this year!! Have a great race!