Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 8 of ?? Sub 20 5k training

This week was a bit meh. I was happy to run in Vancouver one last time- with L! But then had to fly home and go to work the next morning for all day meetings!! Always super fun. I just couldn't shake the exhausted no energy feeling Thursday- so figured a rest day was in order. Friday I was even more tired and stuffy so had to take off one more day. It's just not worth it to me to over do it while sick and prolong it.

Monday: 5 miles along the Vancouver Seawall with L.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 5 miles. Some progressive.

Thursday: REST aka no energy

Friday: REST aka stuffy head no energy

Saturday: 10 total: 4 am miles with CB, 6 miles speedwork pm. 2x 1.5 miles at 6:22, 6:10 respectively.

Sunday: 5 miles

Saturday I went for a "test" run with CB and felt much better so I figured a nice speed sesh was in order. It felt more difficult than it should have, but I got both sets of 1.5 miles done. I finished out the week with an easy 5/recovery run to help rid my quads of the soreness from the 2x1.5's. The first half mile my legs were like lead and super sore- but by the 2nd mile I was feeling better. My legs are still a bit sore, which was to be expected.

The sunrise on Wednesday was amazing!

I missed my little puppy bear.

One of the "outtakes" from our run on Saturday. I like taking photos with CB on our runs, because he's so stinking happy and cute, but also because I know the days for us to run are getting more limited as he ages and I want to document these memories.

I also opened another bottle of the black berry stout I had made. The first tasting was lackluster a few weeks ago- but I left more bottles to condition for additional time. The difference between 1.5 and 3+ weeks was huge! The beer today had more carbonation and flavor (more caramel/tartness) and was definitely more drinkable than the one I opened after 1.5 weeks of conditioning. I definitely respect beer a lot more now that I'm beginning to realize everything that goes into producing beer.

I also made more beer. I basically made the same stout as the blackberry stout, But will put coffee in it instead. Then I'm done with stouts, and will move onto a different style which is more spring appropriate. Maybe Gose or pale ale?

This week I'm looking forward to the Shamrock Shuffle... My 4th! Yay.


  1. Love the outtake, Cola and I end up with quite a few of those as well. Glad you got in a good speed session and were feeling better.
    I love that you are making your own beer. I wouldn't mind trying that someday. Coffee beer sounds good!

    1. The outtakes are sometimes better than the intended shots ;) it's definitely labor intensive to make beer, but gives a whole new appreciation to enjoy it. I'm really hoping the coffee stout comes out well.. I'll find out in a few months. Fingers crossed!

  2. 2 x 1.5 miles at 6:22, 6:10? Woah, nice! Love the sunrise/skyline pic. Yay for the Shuffle in less than a week!

    1. Thanks! Hoping all this speedwork pays off in a breakthrough soon! Been hovering around the same PRs for years now... Yay frozen shuffle yay!!

  3. Great speedwork!!! Fantastic pictures, as always, and I love the outtake. I like your idea of trying to document your runs with CB right now while you still can. Bummer that you had some stuffy head and low energy last week but I am hoping that you are as good as new now!

    1. Thanks :) slowly feeling better but the awful feeling of that feeling just before you sneeze is lingering... Without the release of an actual sneeze.

      Cb is always so ridiculously happy on our runs, and melts my heart- I just love looking back at those photos later on when I'm feeling down.

  4. Ahh, speedwork and lead legs after! That is why the cooldown is so key! Ha ha. I will skimp on the WU sometimes, but always try to have a decent CD :)

    That sunrise pic is so fab! :)

    Wait! You said CB is "cute"! I thought that word was on your shit list? JK, I was going to say "we can call our animals cute, right?!" :)

  5. Way to go my friend!!! Have a great shuffle this weekend!!!!! I almost signed up, but looks like God knew I was needed else ware!!! <3