Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vancouver day 3: a run along the Stanley Park Sea wall, and more delicious foods & drinks

Day 3!

Since L had training (the whole reason for this trip) I decided to run along the sea wall at Stanley park. It was a beautiful overcast day for a run.

The water was so calm and reflected the downtown as if it was a mirror.

I ran from our hotel to Stanley park which was about 2 kilometers away. I ran along the sea wall to get there. For this run I stayed on the outer perimeter of the park- about 10k total around the whole thing and did not incorporate any of the hills from the 5k I did (which was contained to the roads of the interior part of the park.)

A few K's into my run I came across the totems in Stanley park. Most of them were relatively new, made by local artists.

I also came across a statue of a famous Canadian athlete from the late 1800's.

I also saw a good graffiti near a lighthouse type thing.

I also saw the famous "Girl in wetsuit" statue which represents Vancouver's dependence on the sea.

Did I already mention how absolutely stunning running around the sea wall is!?

I saw some cool black and white ducks and huge ass seagulls.

I also ran under the bridge which you would take of you went to Whistler.

I was surprised that it wasn't too busy for a Sunday morning. I saw some runners and walkers- the cyclists have to stay on a separate path away from the pedestrians.

While it was overcast and raining very lightly, I enjoyed this run immensely. My legs were still a bit tired and sore from Friday's flight, but it was nice to run almost 8 miles in the morning.

Post run I met L for a quick lunch at a hole in the wall sushi place near our hotel called "Shizen Ya." Holy crap the quality of the fish was amazing! And it was just a normal nothing special place. We absolutely enjoyed the chicken gyoza, spicy tuna roll, albacore roll, and the mango California roll.

After lunch I went out in the rain to go shopping. I really wanted to buy an outfit from Canada. So I went in nearly every shop on Robson and ended up getting a few dresses from FCUK and some other small items. (Pro tip: bring a small umbrella with you. It rains a lot here.)

I also went to starbucks where I had a nice creative version of my name on my cup.

For dinner we went to "Alibi room." It is an amazing gastro pub with all the best Canadian beers on tap. Our waiter was super knowledgable about the foods and beers and was impressed we were there- he said Alibi Room is more of a "locals" kind of spot.

We had some delicious Canadian craft beers as well as these curry mussels which were out of this world amazing!

After day 3 I was falling in love more and more with the 'couver. The food, the people and the scenery are all amazing!

Me in my new dress. :)

I'm so happy it worked out that L had training in Vancouver- it was a nice way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!!



  1. You have enough material to publish a Blurb Book about Vancouver !

  2. What?! Come on, show us the dress in color, too! :) You tease!!!

    Wow, the seawall looks so gorgeous! All of Vancouver looks so gorgeous! I have seen that photo of the girl in wetsuit before - now I know where she is. Yay!

    1. Hehe my new profile pic on FB is in color with the dress :) I just liked the BW a Photo L took too ;) wow! I never had heard about the girl in a wetsuit before so I'm impressed you had heard of it before :). You'd love the sea wall. The weather was so nice too. Low 40's and overcast.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I so want to go back to Vancouver now! Gorgeous pictures, as always, and I agree with Kim that you need to show us that dress in color!!! I can only imagine how good that sushi must have been. It's great that you were able to visit while the CAD-USD exchange rate is so favorable, too!!! Vancouver is an expensive city! And BIG CHEERS to finding the joints that the locals frequent. There is no better way to see a city than to mingle with the locals!

    1. Thank you! My new FB profile pic is in color :)

      You should go back to "the couver" especially with the usd being so strong! I loved it there so much. It is expensive but food didn't see so pricey- especially since we went to local type places. I'll save my rant about not wanting to be a tourist ever for another day- but have to agree with you- going to the local joints is one of the best ways to experience a city. :)

  4. sounds like an awesome time for some reason, your photos aren't coming through for me..prob my computer