Saturday, June 18, 2011


Just ran 4.5 miles with the CES group! I turned around early because I only wanted to do 3-4 and test my calf. Averaged 9:30 per mile.

Felt pretty good. Still some pain but a huge improvement over the past few weeks. It spasms while I'm resting now. Feels weird like there is a large worm inside of my calf. Gross.

I love him.

Today is hella busy.

Ill be Biking up to xsport for rock n roll Chicago 5k packet pickup. The race is tomorrow. Ill be taking it easy with my wonderful wonderful during the race.

After pickup I'll be heading to soldier field for the Nike 26.2 preview for the Chicago marathon. They have guest speakers, gear testing and stuff for sale. My training group is having a tailgate there- I'm excited to go mingle with the runners!

Good luck to all who are racing this weekend!!

What are your weekend plans?




  1. Glad your claf is feeling better, good luck on your run tomorrow. I hope your worm goes away! :) The Nike preview sounds fun.

  2. So glad you are feeling better! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. I love that picture. Not familiar with what a worm would feel like crawling inside my calf, but that doesn't sound plesant. You have a weekend packed full of running events. I was trying to squeeze in the Nike event, but there was just not enough time. Hope that you had a great time.