Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review of the past week and change

Yay no rain! And the Cubbies won!

About 17 miles run this week. No cross training. Boo!

Last saturday I went to the Nike 26.2 preview. It was pretty much being taken down when I arrived at 1:30- well before the 4pm close.

These were some of the designs that could be pressed onto shirts at the event (if you bought one of the Nike shirts) I got this one:

Tuesday was by far the highlight of marathon training. I went to running away multisport and got to see Moses mosop.

(photo from Chicago athlete magazine)
I ran 3 easy miles that night for the fun run. (total of 5 for the night)

Did a crazy circuit workout that kicked my butt on Wednesday with CES. I plan on incorporating planks, lunges, dips, pushups etc into at least 2 workouts a week. Core training is important.

Wanted to do 11 miles, but only did 4.5 with the group. Calf is still tender. I didn't want to push it. This whole injury thing is very frustrating, but the MICE is helping a lot. The massage therapist didn't feel any knots this time in my calf so I know I am doing the right thing and healing is taking place. I'm just starting to grow impatient. I didn't cross train this week.

This was crowded. I hate crowds. Food was ok, but again- did I mention I hate large crowds?!

The bean in the summer!

What's going on this week?

-I'm psyched to make some delicious smoothies and salads this week.

Arugula, pear, blue cheese, with lemon juice- olive oil as a dressing. Yum!



  1. Do you know if there is somewhere online we can order one of those shirts?!?!?!?

  2. I love those shirts!! It's so funny to me that Chicago has awesome pre-race stuff so far in advance! Looks like a blast!

  3. awww I hope you are completely pain free soon!

    And that salad looks amazing.

  4. I hate crowds as well. They drive me crazy!

    That salad does look awesome!

  5. Those Chicago Marathon shirts are indeed awesome! Great choice on the shirt! I kind of like the 10.9.11 Sunday Funday one too, haha

    Bummer about your calf still not improving, hopefully it gets better soon. I would definitely not do any speedwork while it still feels tender, seems like calf strains are aggravated by speedwork instead of jogging.