Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 3 review

Week 3 Stats:
43.8 miles- Stationary Bike
14 miles walked
2.5 miles elliptical
1 mile attempted run(walk) @ 7.5 incline on the tread.

The stationary bike is my new BFF. We now log a lot of time/ miles together in the afternoons. Perhaps I will add some morning workouts this week if I can drag myself out of bed.

My calf still seems strained and taking the last week off of running has helped it tremendously. The elliptical did not feel good, so I decided to discontinue it for now. Plus I hate how my toes go numb after more than 18 minutes of elliptical.

I cannot R.I.C.E.
In all the research Ive done about injuries, Ive found that M.I.C.E is better. Moving (and motrin lol) ICE, Compression and Elevation. Resting doesn't get the blood flowing through the areas that need to be healed. By moving, blood is increased to the injured areas, and helps speed recovery. Cycling does not bother my calf so I am happy to keep moving and keep the heart rate up while this thing heals. I tried running on Sunday after 40 minutes of cycling. I first decided to walk fast on a 7.5 incline on the tread and then to try to run a 10 minute pace for a little bit. I did alternating walk .2 mile, run .15 mile, etc until I reached a mile and did not have much pain. Maybe the incline of the treadmill does not affect the bum muscle in my leg? (I just wish my CB dog wouldnt pull me anymore, because when i brace myself- for when he pulls, it really bugs the part of my leg that hurts)

It is hard to stay positive about an injury. The first 5 months of this year brought some great PRs and consistent running to my life. That all changed after the Soldier Field 10, when I believe I strained a muscle in my calf due to dehydration/ calf cramps. I am focused on continuing to x-train until this calf thing heals so I am able to return stronger back to running. I am seriously bummed, but am proud of myself for forcing myself to use the stationary bike. Old me would have just given up like I did back around 2002. My goal is still to smash my marathon PR in the Chicago Marathon- I have 16 weeks until race day, so some x-training instead of running now won't kill me in the long run. Being healthy and injury free is my #1 priority.

Some highlights of this week:

Sparkling Sake. I was skeptical at first, but after tasting this bubbly goodness, we might have to order it again the next time we go back to the new sushi place we found. It was sweet and bubbly. It was a nice change to the nigori sake we usually get. (the aqua color is thanks to a light :)

Sunday was "Dia dos Namorados" in Brasil. Kind of similar to Valentine's day. My Wonderful, wonderful and I celebrated by feasting on authentic Brasilian food.

We went to Taste of Brasil cafe in Oak Park. Pictured above is a Coxinha with chicken inside, and a Kibi. YUM!

Pastels: We had a cheese pastel, beef pastel and a "romeo e Juliet" pastel (Filled with cheese and guava paste). Dont let the photo fool you, those wonton looking deep fried raviolis were about 5" by 7". HUGE!

Main course was Feijoada. It is a beef/bean stew. Absolutely delicious served with kale, rice and farofa.
Just a side note- We split all of that food! :)

I ate at a churrascaria before, but never had everyday Brasilian food. It was awesome, and I cant wait to go back again. It got the seal of approval from my wonderful, wonderful who is Brasilian- so I am happy to have feasted on authentic Brasilian fare :) Best Dia dos Namorados ever!

How do you stay motivated to keep working out while injured?

What is your favorite "ethnic" food?

I love Vietnamese Pho- it is my comfort food. I just need to find a place in Chicago that makes it. The Brasilian food was delish- but too heavy to eat everyday. I love sushi and especially seaweed salad.



  1. Thanks for the bday wishes :)

    Girl, I am SO proud of you for taking a rest from running to let your calf heal. I know it must be SO hard, but you know that by letting it get fully healed, you'll be set for that Chicago PR in the fall!

    When I had the stress fracture in my pelvis, I took off a TON of time. I waited until my hip felt better and then gave it two more weeks, just to be safe. So in total, I didn't run from August 2010 and I started again in January 2011. So it was like 5 months, which was pretty sad for me.
    But I just found different ways to get my sweat on, that's what got me through it. Spinning classes were WONDERFUL, it was the best sweat, 2nd to running. I didn't really get too much into it, but swimming is also a great cardiovascular workout. I've read that pool running is supposed to be the best way to maintain your running fitness when not running.
    Hope your calf feels better very soon!

  2. I so needed this post! I woke up this AM with pain in my shin, and I am praying that it's just shin splints and not a stress fracture. I am trying so hard not to freak out, but as a teacher with the summers off, I've really looked forward to my running and all of the races I signed up for! I am taking it easy today and going to a Bar Method class and am going to give running a shot tomorrow, so we'll see!

  3. Glad that you are enjoying your time on the bike, I know that must be difficult. And girl you've got plenty of time to prepare for October, so keep

    I think I am in the beginning stages of having an obsession with your dogs eyes, they are truly beautiful.

  4. That is a bummer about your calf. Have you tried a sports massage possibly? Not sure if that would help get out the tightness. I'm assuming that you are also foam rolling and stretching it? You still have a long way away from the Chicago Marathon, so that is good that you are cross training for now. I bet you will feel better soon.

  5. Yummy food.


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