Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy wednesday

No running this week for me- only cross training! I want to have the calf heal for good.

The stationary bike is growing on me more and more. I might even take my hybrid mountain/road bike out sometime soon for change of scenery.

Swimming might also happen soon. I don't remember the last time I was in a pool or ocean, but there is a tread pool at my apartment that I really should try out one of these days.

All this cross training has got me thinking: I believe a triathlon is going to be in my future sooner than later.




  1. Good for you, resting that calf. I think a tri sounds like a good idea!

  2. This is a good week to be cross training, the heat is killer! Hope that calf is grateful for the rest.

  3. You always have such great pictures. Great job resting the calf, sometimes that can be so hard to do when you just really want to get out for a run!

  4. Woo Hoo! Triathlons rock. You will love it.

    Heal the calf!

    Love the pics!

  5. Girl, you are so smart for resting the calf and not running, I'm sure it's probably driving you craaazy!

    But cross training is a great alternative. When I had that stress fracture in my pelvis last summer, spinning classes were really great for me.

    Love the idea of a triathlon!

  6. Listening to your body and letting it heal.... good for you!!!

  7. I love cross training, so hopefully your week is a good one and you enjoy it too. A good magazine and I'm HAPPY on the elliptical for an hour. It's good stuff!

  8. Loving the pictures!! So so pretty. Ugh, I despise the stationary bike. Teach me how to like it??