Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Tonight there is a lot of running culture going on in Chicago.

Option 1:
Go to fleet feet and hear Katherine Switzer speak. She was the first woman to officially register for the Boston marathon- and win it.

Option 2:
Go to running away multisport and participate in a fun run. They have a special guest tonight- a "Nike elite athlete capable of running a 2:02 marathon." they won't disclose who it is, but my guess is for runner up in the Boston marathon- Moses mosop. (I looked at the Boston finish photos and mutai the winner had on adidas. Mosop had on a swoosh)

Option 3:
Go to the puma store for a fun run with Bart yasso. He will be signing copies of his book also.

I'm leaning towards option 2.

Which option would you choose tonight?



  1. Those are all good options and make me mad that I have to work this evening. Bart Yasso does interest me, but I think the surprise of who will be at Running Away Multisport seems most exciting.

    Go with option #2. I find it interesting that they are advertising that whom ever it is is capable of a 2:02 marathon, I hate when people do that. So does that mean if I say that I am capable of it and haven't yet proved it to be true that I can be famous too?

  2. Oh they all sound fun! I would love to visit with Bart Yasso. I can't even imagine a 2:02 marathon that is really booking!

  3. Wow, all those options sound good to me. In terms of just the speaker alone, I would go with #1 - Switzer. I'm assuming that you've seen the movie Spirit of the Marathon, but I thought she was the most interesting person to hear from during that movie. She was a trailblazer, and it was crazy to hear about her first Boston Marathon story about how the race organizer tried to pull her off the course - but she threw him off and ran away from him.

    If having a fun run in addition to a speaker interests you, maybe go with #2. I think you're right that it will be Moses - Chicago Marathon on facebook had a big advertisement about him today.

    So I think I would go with option #1 in the end.